Web Stats for April 2008

Yes, it is here again…the post no one but I and a few other people in the known universe care about…the web stats post! Get all the numeric goodness below the fold!

This month I got a boost by having my Spring 2008 Preview page linked from the m33w-fansubs homepage, so my traffic increased more than normal this month, so expect a drop next month because of that.  But it did give me some awesome stats for this month, though.

In any case, here are the numbers. Change from March in ()

Visits: 7,689 (+56.8%)
Page Views: 13,428 (+63.2%)
Absolute Unique Visitors: 5,561 (+55.7%)

This translates into:

Visits/day: 256.3 (+62%)
Page Views/day: 447.6 (+68.7%)
AUV/day: 185.4 (+60.9%)

Now, 1/3 way through the year, I have total in 2008:

Visits: 19,829
Page Views: 34,526
AUV: 13,942

Now, on to more specific statistics:

Top 5 Busiest Days in April (in visits):

  1. April 8 (513)
  2. April 10 (395)
  3. April 1 (379)
  4. April 9 (369)
  5. April 13 (355)

Top 5 Non-Search Engine (and non-Anime Nano) sites from which I received traffic (in visits):

  1. m33w-fansubs (883)
  2. Sea Slugs! Anime Blog (120)
  3. Otakon.com (69)
  4. Otakara Island (34)
  5. THAT Anime Blog (31)

Top 5 visited posts (in page views):

  1. Spring 2008 Anime Preview (1,426)
  2. Gender Bending (206)
  3. Fan Service (194)
  4. First Impressions: The Tower of DRUAGA -the Aegis of URUK- (175)
  5. Death Note Theater List (172)

(oddly, the top visited category was for Doujin Work)

This month I had people from 101 different nations visit, which broke last month’s record.  The United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Philippines, Malaysia, Germany, Singapore, France, Japan, Italy, the Netherlands, and (don’t forget!) Poland all had at least 100 visits, while 31 more nations had at least 10 visits.

This is also the first time that I think every state in the US (plus) DC visited my website, which means that Vermont ended a 2 month drought, Wyoming ended a 3 month drought, and North Dakota ended a 4 month stretch of shunning my webpage. (I think my December stats said that every state visited, but I believe this was in error).  California, New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, Florida, Virginia, New Jersey, Washington, Maryland, and Illinois all gave me at least 100 visits.

Looking at browser stats, 58.9% of visitors used Firefox while 31.1% used Internet Explorer (2/3 using IE7, and 1/3 using IE6), 4.4% used Opera, and 4.2% used Safari.

Finally, I had 1,205 podcast downloads (+56.7%), with Episode 69 being downloaded 145 times, Episode 67 downloaded 126 times, Episode 68 downloaded 99 times, and Episode 70 downloaded 73 times.


4 thoughts on “Web Stats for April 2008

  1. I post this, then see alafista’s stats post, and immediately feel wholly depressed about my numbers lol.

    Growth! It’s the growth that matters! (though given his site isn’t even a year old makes it even that more depressing…)

  2. Ha, thanks.

    I’m still befuddled how Doujin Work was the most visited category, though…

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