Gurren Lagann – DVD 6 (Episodes 24 – 27) [END]

Simon and company go out to find Nia and the anti-spiral homeworld.  However, they’re led into one trap after another, leading to many sacrifices by team Dai-Gurren to help them escape. Meanwhile, Nia tries to fight off the anti-spirals who are trying to probe her to find humanity’s weaknesses.

Our mechas our bigger, our women are hotter and our pecks are more manly than anyone else's in the universe!

Our mechas our bigger, our women are hotter and our pecks are more manly than anyone else's in the universe!

Overall, I think this series ended on a better note than it could have. The sequence where the Dai-Gurren sacrificed themselves, then the fight to get out of the ultra-dense space sea where both pretty good I thought.  However, I think the final battle with the anti-spirals could have been a little less cheesy, though it certainly could have been worse. Of course, leave it to GAINAX to have an ending where the hero ends up having to sacrifice everything, though luckily Simon ended up being still a good guy at the end, even if he was somewhat of a hermit, as opposed to say, someone like Suguru from Mahoromatic.

As for my overall feelings about this series, it’s been a while since I watched the first half of it, but it was still an interesting ride. If someone asked if it was worth watching, I’d say yes, but I’m not really sure it’s the epic show it’s been made out to be. I guess if one is a huge mecha fan, then sure, it might be just because by the end you have galaxy-sized mechas fighting each other. But for someone like me, the series kind of went over the top at times, and there isn’t much one can do during some of the battle scenes but just kind of watch explosions and all because there isn’t really a story to take in much of the time. Sure, there were parts of the series that had a pretty decent story and advanced the plot, and it’s those parts that make this a not so bad series. But what I think some others take as some sort of epicness, I kind of felt was over-the-topness.  But that’s just my feeling.

Gurren Lagann – DVD 5 (Episodes 19 – 23)

The anti-spirals launch their attack on earth, while Rossiu tries and imprisons Simon.  However, as the situation becomes ever more dire, Rossiu has no choice but to let Simon pilot Gurren Lagann once again in order to defeat the anti-spiral attack and save Earth.

Go Gundam Go! Oh wait...what?

Go Gundam Go! Oh wait...what?

I think the start of this series of episodes was going pretty good – it continued on the arc dealing with the political instability of the human’s new society, and I thought that was going in a good direction.  However, I think it started going a little downhill when Rossiu decided to try and sentence Simon to death.  I could get the arresting him part, but just realistically, I’m not sure how Rossiu would be able to survive by doing such a thing when pretty much literally everyone else in the government disagreed with him. I suppose the temporary calm he brought might have been enough to not go against him, but I just felt that there would be no way Simon’s friends would just stand by at let Rossiu execute him.

After that, it was basically fighting, fighting, and more fighting.  I think Gurren Lagann leveled up twice in one episode, first by joining with the arc, and then joining with the Moon, which naturally was a Gunman itself. And what happened to all the debris that fell off the fake moon when the gunman was activated? I’m sure that did a nice piece on the earth when it crashed into it.

Anyway, after they started fighting again, the series seems to have devolved into people screaming, Gurren Lagann leveling up, people screaming, leveling up, more screaming and so on.  Hopefully now that they’re going after Nia and the anti-spiral homeworld, things will start to improve again on the storytelling front.

Gurren Lagann: DVD 4 (Episodes 15 – 18)

Even though this disc had 4 episodes, it effectively only had 3, as episode 16 was completely a recap episode.  In any case, we finish the first half of the series with the defeat of the Spiral King and his warnings that he was actually protecting humanity, and that once “a million apes” were on the surface, basically something bad would happen.  However, beyond this we don’t really know anything, other than the fact that the Spiral King seemed to believe that he was acting as a guardian against Simon’s spiral power.

You might want to get that checked=

You might want to get that checked out by a dermatologist

As for the “7 years in the future” part, it’s going to be hard getting used to the characters being older now.  However, the new government under Shion seems to be suffering from the same ills of many revolutionary governments: it starts out strong as a result of the initial enthusiasm and idealism, but soon gets weighted down under the weight of the fact that many of the people leading the nation are neither very competent to do so, and don’t really want to in the first place.  While Shion seems competent, he doesn’t seem very enthusiastic, and while others may be enthusiastic, they aren’t very competent.  Meanwhile, people who see this, in this case Rossiu, get frustrated and radicalized by the fact that his fellow revolutionaries, well, suck at governing (and, in conjunction with the attack of the anti-spirals, cause mass unrest) and decides to take over the place himself.

I’m still not sure why the anti-spirals think that the spiral energy will cause the destruction of the universe, though I guess my thought is this:  if the spirals have a tendency to advance rapidly, and have rather unchecked passions, that could lead to several consequences such as, say, the destruction of their own planet.  However, if you expand this thought upward, perhaps they fear that spirals wouldn’t stop at a planet, but might cause the self-destruction of a galaxy or even the universe itself.

In any case, this series seems to have gotten a bit more interesting now that we’re in this new time frame.  We’ll have to see if it just resorts to massive mecha battles like it did to begin with, but hopefully the plot will start getting expanded some.  There is already evidence that it is, with Rossiu taking over.

Gurren Lagann: DVD 3 (Episodes 10 – 14)

So after one last episode of emo Simon, he finally got out of his funk and decided to be kickass, largely thanks to Nia, who has breathed some new life into this series, both for comedic relief, but also prop up the non-mecha fighting part of the show as well.  Speaking of the mecha fighting, I guess it’s the usual.  I guess I have to give some props to there being some variation in the types of mecha they’re fighting now instead of the same old, same old.

Nia and Simon.  The Most Aweseome Awesomest Team Ever in the histoy of Awesome

Nia and Simon. The Most Aweseome Awesomest Team Ever in the histoy of Awesome

I think Nia has quickly shot up to being my favorite character so far, though Simon is up there as well as long as he isn’t being emo.  Yoko still just seems mostly annoying, although one can’t deny that she’s an integral part of the team.  I have a feeling there may be some future fighting between Yoko and Nia over Simon, however.

They cleared through the 4 generals and got to the spiral king pretty quickly.  I don’t see them fighting the Spiral King for entire second half of the series, so I really don’t know what’s going to happen after that’s done.  I figured the Spiral King would be the end of the series, not the mid-point, so we’ll see I guess.

Overall I guess this series is holding it’s own for now.  It’s still somewhat over the top, but it’s not over the top to the point of being stupid yet, at least.

Gurren Lagann: DVD 2 (Episodes 6 – 9)

Well…plusses for DVD #2: Simon doesn’t seem as whiny (though now he’s gone all emo with Kamina getting killed, which kind of surprised me having such a major character apparently killed off so early).  Minuses for DVD #2: It’s still basically the same stuff.  I guess if you like giant robots fighting, then you’ll like it.  Otherwise, I’m still not sure how much there really is here to enjoy (and I’m not necessarily a giant robot person).  There is sporadic humor, anyway.

There's no way I'm dyin'! It's only episode 8!

I guess the one thing that can be said is that they’re starting to expand the story some – with the Spiral King and the Four Generals – though I still have doubts about how exciting that plot line will be if it solely consists of giant robots fighting each other.  I guess the main things to watch from now on are whether there is more to the series to that, and how does Simon (and other characters like Yoko) grow through the series.  However, overall I’ve thusfar been rather underwhelmed with not much reason to think it’ll get much better.  Maybe the one bright spot in the future is what role the daughter of the Spiral King will play in the future.

Apologies to Random Curiosity for stealing a screen shot. I lost my screenshot after having to reinstall my OS.

Gurren Lagann – DVD 1


(I’ll probably add some preliminary thoughts to series I haven’t seen before on the first post)

I’m a little hesitant about heading into Gurren Lagann, because most everything about it says that I probably won’t like it.  Whether that’s because it’s GAINAX, it’s one of those “OMGWTFBBQ THIS IS THE BEST SERIES EVAR!!” series, or because I’ve heard some rather…questionable…things about it’s fan service (bolstered by the art and clips I’ve seen).

Nevertheless, since this is one of the more recent “Big Things,” I thought I’d give it a try.

Series: Gurren Lagann
Media: Part 1, Disc 1 (Episodes 1 – 5)

Well I guess so far this show isn’t as bad as I thought.  It seems to be staying more on the funny side rather than the stupid side (though not by much).  Though hopefully Shinji Simon will stop complaining sometime soon because it’s getting kind of old.  Kamina is probably the best character so far, even if he is a bit crazy.  Yuko, meanwhile, seems to exist to fire her pretty useless gun, go provide bouncing boobs, and to have absolutely no modesty about shoving her boobs into the guy’s (especially Simon’s) faces (or vice versa).

So far there isn’t much of a central point, really, other than the trio fighting off the Gunmen (hur hur).  Perhaps the most disturbing part so far was their pig thing tearing off it’s ass to give Simon and Kamina a bite to eat cause their machines weren’t working due to them starving.  Throw in a foursome of siblings who ride around on dogs…backwards, and many things on this show are downright weird so far.

Also, I’m not sure what was up with the animation in episode 4, but it seemed kind of…off.