How I Rate Manga

On this page, I’ll discuss how I do my manga reviews. As with the anime reviews, it’s not perfect, and rather subjective (duh! It’s a review). Also, there is obviously not as much to rate on manga since there’s no animation, no music, etc.I only have 3 ratings when rating manga:

Is the story creative? Can I believe the story (suspension of disbelief)? Is it something I’ve seen a million times before. Does there seem to be a coherent story or are people just doing whatever? These are the main things I’m considering when scoring the story.

Is the art clean? Does it match the feel of the story? Are the panels too busy? These, along with just general quality go into the art score.

Gut Score
And, of course, the gut score. Once again, if I had to give it a score off the top of my head, this is what it would be.

Story and Art will both be weighted with x 3, and gut score will be weighted x4. All three will be rated from 0 to 10, giving a maximum score of 100 pts.

As for percentages, they’re pretty much the same as the anime:

90% – 100%: Excellent
85% – 89%: Very Good
80% – 84%: Good
70% – 79%: Fair
60% – 69%: Poor
59% and lower: Terrible

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