Letter Bee: Reverse – Episodes 23 – 25 [END]

Noir, Lag, Conner, and Zazi launch their assault against the Gaichu Cabernet in an attempt to prevent it from reaching Yuusari Central, but find that it has no holes in it’s armor. It assaults the Bee Hive, only to find it empty, with Dr. Thunderland having nursed the sacrifices back to health and evacuating them. Largo and the Maka then arrive and the Maka, Niche, and her sister damage Cabernet enough to allow Noir and Lag to stop it. However, Lawrence sacrifices himself to revive it, and Lag has to use all his heart to shine as bright as the artificial sun to attract the Cabernet’s attention and completely destroy it.

Lag dishing out a healthy serving of heart

Lag dishing out a healthy serving of heart

So that ends Letter Bee.  A few things are left unresolved, such as whether the artificial light is bad after all (and if it is, what to do with it), as well as what exactly is Lag.  Niche’s sister said previously, and noted again that Lag merely had a human form, indicating that deep down he isn’t human.  The question, though, is what is he?  Just pure heart, or what?  At least he knows his mother is in the central city, contrary to what Lawrence had told him.  We still don’t really know why she was brought to the central city, though.  I think it’s suggested, though not stated explicitly, that she may actually be the empress (or whoever it is who leads Amberground).

Overall, I think this series was pretty good.  I think it could have had a little bit more direction, but the story was good and it didn’t overdo the action, and the action that it did have was done well.  It perhaps dragged on for longer than it should have at times, but I don’t think it was too bad.  It was fun watching Lag develop, and one kind of gets attached to all the Bees, whether it’s Lag, Zazi, Conner, and yes, even Jiggy Pepper.  It was also good to see Lag turn Noir around from his cold original self into someone more like Gauche. In any case, I seem to have a more positive feeling about Reverse than the first season.  At least there wasn’t as much crying it seemed.

This series had to recover from a mediocre first season and a slow start to the 2nd season, but I think it did so pretty well, especially once we started getting down to it.  The last half of Reverse especially seemed pretty focused and well thought out, giving one enough hints to answer some questions while still leaving others unanswered or even creating new ones.  While the remaining questions do drive me crazy, I guess I can live with them.

Letter Bee: Reverse – Episodes 20 – 22

So we get down to it. We finally discover what Lawrence’s plan is, and who appears to be behind it.  Lawrence plans to use all of those Unable to Become Spirit to serve as sacrifices for Carbernet so that it may become strong enough to destroy the artificial sun.  Noir is against this, and thus Lawrence tries to kill him.  Meanwhile, Connor, Zazie, and Lag try to intercept Carbernet but are fooled by a decoy Gaichu instead, and are only saved by Noir.  Meanwhile, Aria, who is left in charge after Largo goes off for a trip, discovers the sacrifices hiding in Dr. Thunderland’s lab.

Noir has a change of, erm, heart

Noir has a change of, erm, heart

Well I was definitely wrong about the bees seeing how the government was wrong and joining Reverse, not with Lawrence’s plan. In fact, his plan is so sinister that Noir has revolted against it himself, seeing that having more sacrifices is not the way to defeat the government.

Meanwhile, there are two big outstanding questions left: is Largo in on the Reverse plan, since he seems like the logical culprit as the one who stole the Bifrost key, allowing the two twins there to escape, or is he some sort of double-agent who Lawrence thinks is working for Reverse, but actually is working underground to undermine his plan? Meanwhile, did Reverse bring the sacrifices to the bee hive? If so, that would suggest that Dr. Thunderland is involved with Reverse, or were they brought there after either escaping or being rescued?

I tend to believe in the theory that they were rescued and brought to the bee hive, probably by Noir, and that Largo is some sort of double agent whom Lawrence only thinks is working for Reverse but is actually trying to undermine him.  It seems clear that the top priority is going to be stopping the sacrifices, but that doesn’t address the issue of what should happen to the artificial sun.

Letter Bee: Reverse – Episodes 17 – 19

Gauche’s return appears to have been an act by Noir, and he returns to Reverse after persuading the double-agents Valentine and Garrard that he’s Noir by attacking Lag (whom the agents kidnapped thinking it was Sylvette).  After Noir mistakenly believes Lag is dead, Jiggy Pepper shows up and returns Lag to the Hive.  Meanwhile, Zazie catches up to Cabernet but is stopped by another Maurauder while Noir and the agents head to a an abandoned research facility and find two survivors.

Has Zazie finally met his match?

Has Zazie finally met his match?

So we learn that the AmberGround artificial sun is allegedly powered by people’s hearts, including Lag’s mother’s and Gauche’s. We still don’t know what caused the Day of Flicker, though it is alleged by Reverse that the government started their experiments trying to create artificial spirit afterward. However, all of their experiments fail, and all the subjects they experimented on – people without a spirit – are disposed of, bar a few who happen to escape, most of whom joined Reverse.

Of course, this brings up the problem that if Bees fight the Gaichu because they eat people’s spirits, how can they stand by and let the government do the same thing to power the artificial sun? Of course, this fact is hidden from them, and I think both Lag and Zazie would doubt the claim that this is the truth, but I have a feeling eventually they’re going to be convinced this is the truth and end up joining Reverse to stop the government’s activities.

Letter Bee: Reverse – Episodes 15 and 16

Gauche appears to get his memory back, though all his confirmed memories relate to events regarding Lag or things Lag knew.  As a result, Dr. Thunderbird is concerned that, if Noir is still in control, he could potentially pull off enough of a deception as to pass off as Gauche.  This possibility is further made possible by the fact that Gauche suddenly disappears, though that could also be due to Roda suddenly appearing again, and perhaps kidnapping Gauche.  As it turns out, Dr. Thunderbird’s fears are true as it was merely Noir posing as Gauche.

You aren't Noir anymore, right?

You aren't Noir anymore, right?

However, Lawrence still seemed concerned that Noir wasn’t on their side anymore, so he sent out people to eliminate Noir, so things have become more complicated as Gauche/Noir may not really be on anyone’s side now.  One doesn’t know if this is due to Gauche and Noir having some battle within Gauche, or whether he was Noir all along, or what.

It does seem like Noir had lost Gauche’s memories, so it’s not like Gauche was pretending to be Noir, though I suppose that’s a possibility now if Gauche has Noir’s memories and came to sympathize with his goals.  Gauche also told Lag that he was sorry he didn’t look into what happened to his mother.  But what if he did, and that’s why all of this is happening now?  I guess we’ll find out soon.

Letter Bee: Reverse – Episodes 13 and 14

Lag is recovering from too much heart, so Aria and Niche are sent out to deliver a letter to a man named Houdai Franklin, who worked on the airship that crashed while observing the artificial sun on the day of flicker.  However, he tells Aria what he saw on the day of flicker, suggesting a disturbing truth about the artificial sun. Meanwhile, Lag has an explosion of heart.

Aria can be a bad ass Bee if she wants to be

Aria can be a bad ass Bee if she wants to be

So we learn that all six of the surviving members of the airship had part of their heart stolen, as well as were injured physically, largely from going blind in one or both eyes and having parts of their memories erased.   Dr. Thunderland, who was on the airship, lost his eye and his memories from that day.  Signal, who works at the bridge at Bifront that is the gateway into Yuusari, was also part of the mission and was injured, along with his two triplet brothers.

Franklin suggests that that the artificial sun is sucking up the hearts of everyone in Amberground, and that is how it is able to continue shining, and when it flickered, he saw a “monster” (which rather looked like an embryo) calling out for it’s mother, inside of it.  This causes Franklin to conclude that the Amberground government knows and is hiding the fact that the artificial sun is alive and sucking up heart from everyone.  More disturbingly, while asking about what happened on the Day of Flicker, Lag starts calling out for “mother” much like the artificial sun appeared to.

It seems obvious that the artificial light and Lag have a connection somehow, and perhaps the artificial light somehow transferred part of itself to Lag when he was born on that day.  I’m also suspicious that the Amberground government knew the flicker was going to happen, and it seems that Franklin suspects as much now.  The question is: for what purpose.  They already thought the light was dimming.  Perhaps they needed to “reboot” it somehow.  Perhaps someone with a lot of heart – someone such as Lag – is needed to keep the artificial sun running?

One final thing.  I’ve had a bit of suspicion for a while, but going back and reviewing a few of the first season episodes have just heightened these suspicions, but I wonder if Lloyd is somehow working with Reverse.  Now that we know Signal is a supporter of Reverse, it makes Lloyd’s interactions with him, and perhaps his interest in Lag, more suspicious.

Letter Bee: Reverse – Episodes 11 and 12

Zazie and Lag battle Roda while Conner tries to go save Sunny and the other nuns.  However, Noir arrives, finally giving Lag his chance to heal his heart

Gauche is Back!

Gauche is Back!

It looks like Gauche is finally back, though he  appears to be in a coma for now.  Also, while Roda appears to have fallen, somehow I have a feeling this isn’t the last time we’ve seen her.  I also agree with Lag’s thought that she was blended with Gauche’s dingo Roda’s heart in the capital, and that’s why the two of them have the connection they do.

Conner is staying behind to care for the heart-eaten Sunny, which perhaps suggests that there may eventually be a way to recover her heart later on.  However, the main goal would seem to be to stop the giant Gaichuu which, even though Zazie said it wasn’t heading for the capital now, is sure to be a danger, and I’m not sure the Bees will be able to stop it until Gauche wakes up.

Perhaps the most interesting event was Lag having so much heart that he lit up like the artificial sun.  That raises all sorts of question, such as what the artificial sun is and what relationship Lag as with it, especially since he was both born on the day of flicker, and his mother was taken to the capital when he was younger.  There has been an implied connection of sorts all along there, but it’s only gotten stronger now.

And unfortunately, Lag’s crying (which Noir took a shot at, ha) continues.

Letter Bee: Reverse – Episodes 9 and 10

Lag has to convince Niche’s big sister that humans aren’t all bad, though she and the Maka aren’t convinced Lag is entirely human himself.  Lag and Zazie investigate a possible Return base at an Abbey, where Lag tries to go undercover.

Lag is in a Roda trouble

Lag is in a Roda trouble

Once inside, Lag discovers that Reverse is planning on using a super-Gaichuu that Noir unsealed at the Maka’s lake to attack the capital city.  Who also get some background on Lag and Roda in these two episodes.  We learn that the insects in the Letter Bee’s amber turn into the Gaichuu after they lose their heart.  As I mentioned before, Niche’s sister also isn’t convinced Lag is human, though that’s all we know about that.  Roda reveals that she is a result of experiments involving merging the hearts of humans and other creatures together.

I’m assuming the nuns in the Abbey are sacrificing themselves by giving their heart to the Gaichuu, to make it more powerful, so that it can wipe out the capital.  I’d think Conner is about to be convinced things are up with the giant Gaichuu arrives though.  One has to wonder how Lag is going to get out of this one, though, unless Niche suddenly shows up healed.  Also, this Gaichuu looks like nothing the Bees have fought before, and I’m not sure Conner is going to be able to take it on himself.

At least we haven’t seen crying Lag in a while…well I guess we saw a bit of him in episode 9, but at least that was a somewhat understandable situation.  But we haven’t seen irrationally crying Lag in a while I don’t think.  Hopefully that continues.

Letter Bee – Reverse: Episode 8

So we learn about Niche’s background: that she was born 200 years ago, after a pregnant woman drank from the holy lake of the Maka and…has a twin. As the twin daughter of the woman who drank the holy water, the residents of Blue Notes Blues consider her to be cursed, which is why she warned Lag not to tell the townspeople about her (though based on their description of the twins, it didn’t take the Mayor long to figure out what Niche was)

Niche's REALLY big sister has a bone to pick with the townspeople

Niche's REALLY big sister has a bone to pick with the townspeople

Naturally, the citizens of the town had the story of what happened completely wrong after hearing the story from Niche’s very grown up sister.  She also revealed an interesting tidbit about Spirit Amber being mined quietly from the land, which caused it to become cold, and not the Maka’s disfavor (as the Maka never really cared about humans in the first place).

Unfortunately, Niche’s sister didn’t really finish her story in this episode, so we’ll have to wait until next week.  However, we have several mysteries:

1) who mined the spirit amber?

2) why did it remove the geothermal energy from the land, and did those who mined it know it would have that effect?

3) why didn’t Niche grow like her sister?

4) why can’t the Maka converse with humans anymore?

5) why are the Gaichuu frozen in the cave, and why did Noir/Gauche go there to get one?

6) why were the children born half Maka?  was that the price for letting the woman live until her twins were born?

7) why didn’t either the Maka nor Niche’s sister sense Lag as a human? (which just adds to the mystery of why he has a spirit amber as one eye that was already there)

I was wrong about Niche being a byproduct of the experimentation that Reverse says the government is doing, but is it possible that Lag is a result of said experimentation?  His mother was kidnapped to the capital after all.  This episode just made this show jump over Yosuga no Sora for 3rd and it might challenge Index II for second best that I’m watching if the next episode is as enlightening as this one is.  A lot of questions answered, but just as many new ones created.

Letter Bee – Reverse: Episodes 5 – 7

You know what?  Lag makes a piss poor undercover person.  Lag hides away on the carriage of the people investigating Reverse, and at the first sign – the very first sign of anything bad (in this case, one of the guys knock over a kid) – he blows his cover.  I’m surprised he didn’t start balling too.  Lag may very well be the pinnacle of innocence in this series, but he’s also full of stupid as well.  He may very well have discovered the truth that the very investigators sent to investigate Reverse were the moles if he had stayed hidden.

Note to self: Never make Sylvette Angry

Note to self: Never make Sylvette Angry

At least we’re back into the story dealing with Reverse and Gauche, which has made the series a bit better over these three episodes.  I still think it’s still too early to say it’s risen from the cellar of the shows I”m watching, but it’s gotten better.  The reason Reverse appears to be fighting against the government seems to be somewhat justified – if it’s correct – though I seem to doubt that Reverse is planning on doing anything better if they were to take over.  And it looks like in the next episode we might learn the history of Niche.

Speaking of which, since Niche is a Maka, it’s possible that she’s a result of these experiments being run in the capital, much like Roda apparently was.  I’m still not totally clear on what those experiments were trying to do, but it seems clear it was some sort of human experimentation for some nefarious purpose – again if we can trust what Reverse has to say on the matter.

Oh, and what is up with Sylvette’s wheelchair.  I knew it was somewhat automatic, but really? It can outrun a rampaging rhino thing?

Letter Bee – Reverse: Episodes 2 – 4

So Niche gets her underwear back, and Lag gets a special canister for his gun that can be used to shoot heart back into someone, but only into the person to which a letter that is inserted into the canister is addressed.  So we know how Lag is going to save Gauche now.  But now Lag is having the problem of actually writing his letter.

I'm the Coolest Bee Around

Other than that, we get to meet Jiggy Pepper, Lag cries some more, and…that’s about it.  Other than the first episode, this series hasn’t really had much to it.  I guess the main part is perhaps Lag just learning about life.

I guess if I had to rate this shows with the 3 others I’m watching this season, this one probably rates as the most disappointing so far.  There hasn’t really been any real aim or direction in the 4 episodes so far, at least that I can tell.  Maybe as we get farther along, things will start coming together, but at this point, there isn’t any real “story” to speak of yet.