Funimation’s New Show A-Go-Go Day 3: Vandread

Another day, another Geneon rescue of another GONZO title for Funimation. As hinted and expected, Funimation continues their GONZO sweep as they pick up their 2nd (actually, technically 2nd and 3rd) GONZO series up from Geneon (Vandread actually showed as two-half season shows). As with the previous two licenses, Funimation actually picked up the license for this show, not just a distribution deal.

Now, the first big question now is what are we going to get on Christmas Day? Is Funimation just going to keep announcing their Geneon rescues first, or are they going to give us a special title tomorrow? If people are right on the Funimation clues, we’re going to get Soul Eater and Evangelion, and perhaps Oh! Edo Rocket as new licenses, with 2 shows unknown. My feeling is that we’ll either get Soul Eater or Evangelion (my bet is actually on this) tomorrow with the other being kept for last, but we’ll find out.

Count Thus Far:

Geneon Rescues: 3
Actual New Shows: 0