Now and Then, Here and There: Complete Series


This is a series that has been on my watch list for literally years, probably since I started watching anime 5 years ago or so.  However, I never really got around to watching it…until now.

Series: Now and Then, Here and There
Media: Netflix Online, Episodes 1 – 13

If you open the dictionary and look for “gut wrenching and depressing,” this show will probably be listed under it.  Now and Then, Here and There is truly a work of depression, desperation, and despair.  It puts the eternally optimistic Shu into the world of wanna-be ruler of the world King Hondo.  The rule under the despotic and paranoid King Hondo is brutal, even by historical standards, yet many of the characters there cling to some hope or another that helps them get through the hells of day-to-day life, and to rationalize the brutality they’re forced to inflict on others.

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