Anime Credits – School Days ED3

I posted the first ED way, way long ago, and I had kept this in reserve so long that I figured I just as well go ahead and post it eventually.  I think it’s probably my favorite of the many EDs for School Days.

School Days – Anime Review

The Essentials

School DaysName: School Days
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 12 + 2 OVAs
Released: July 3, 2007 – September 27, 2007
Based On: School Days dating sim by Overflow
Director: Keitaro Motonaga
Produced By: TNK
US Distribution By: N/A

Major Japanese Cast

Makoto Ito: Daisuke Hirakawa
Sekai Saionji: Shiho Kawaragi
Kotonoha Katsura: Tae Okajima
Setsuna Kiyoura: Keiko Imoto
Hikari Kuroda: Ryouko Tanaka
Taisuke Sawanaga: Yoshiaki Matsumoto
Otome Kato: Haruka Nagami
Nanami Kanroji: Chiaki Takahashi
Kokoro Katsura: Megu Ashiro

Major English Cast



Animation: 8/10 (x 4 = 32 pts)
Story: 8/10 (x 4 = 32 pts)
Music: 9/10 (x 4 = 36 pts)
Coherence/Story Arc: 9/10 (x 2 = 18 pts)
English Dubs: N/A
Gut Score: 9/10 (x 5 = 45 pts)

Total: 163/190 (85.8%)


School Days is about three students – Makoto Itou, Kotonoha Katsura, and Sekai Saionji – and the results of the love triangle that forms between the three of them.

The show starts off when Makoto takes a picture of Kotonoha on his cell phone because of a fad going around the school that your love will come to fruition if you have a picture of your crush on your cell for 3 weeks without anyone noticing. However, Sekai, who sits next to Makoto in class, finds it on the first day, and decides to help set up Makoto and Kotonoha together as a way to apologize about messing up the charm.

However, Sekai herself soon finds herself having feelings for Makoto and starts to have a relationship with him under the guise of “training” to help Makoto with his relationship with Kotonoha. This leads to a mess which ultimately gets two of Sekai’s friends, Hikari and Setsuna, and Makoto’s childhood friend Otome (who has a crush on Makoto) involved. While things seem to go swimmingly for Makoto to begin with his harem, his arrogance and ignorance eventually come back to haunt him.

While School Days may start off like a run-of-the-mill harem show, it quickly shows itself to be quite different from the norm. The first difference is that it largely feels like its name to start with – just a trio of people attending school who are involved in a love triangle. There isn’t anything “extra” thrown in and I think tends to side with realistic drama instead of over-the-top humor or gimmicks, at least until the end.

Second, the show is more about Makoto getting some than finding the girl of his dreams, which makes him a much less sympathetic – and in a weird way a better – main character than normal.

Third, this almost ends up being an anti-harem show as Makoto ends up being worse off in the end because of his selfishness and incompetence and in the end very much doesn’t get the girl.

The main problem with this series is that Makoto himself doesn’t necessarily appear all that appealing, and thus how he is able to get all the girls may be questioned. However, this is sort of explained in several ways, depending on the girl. First, Otome still sees Makoto as he was in middle school, which is different from how he is now, while Setsuna seems to responding to how Makoto was nice to her at the entrance ceremony, while Sekai explains that he seems to be popular with the girls in general (most of which don’t know what he’s like in person).

Some might complain about the amount of sexual content in the series, given how much Makoto scores, but that just highlights even more Makoto’s weaknesses through the course of the series.

As far as technical aspects, both animation and music appears to be pretty good, but neither are particularly outstanding either.

School Days is probably for anyone who wants a harem with a twist, or who wants to see the guy (and everyone for that matter) lose, for once. Then again, with such a legendary ending, perhaps it’s one that everyone should check out just to see it.

First Watched: July – September 2007
Do I Own: No
Do I Recommend: Yes

Gender Bending

Seriously, I don’t get it. I’m just going along minding my own business, and all of a sudden an avelanche of Haruhi gender-switching art appears everywhere. No really, I don’t get it. I mean, here I am a guy, and I see a picture of Haruhi, who is now equipped with manly equipment. Am I supposed to be turned on by this? Or Kyon gets his manly equipment removed and becomes a female ala Hazumu in Kashimashi. But he was a guy. Ditto – is this supposed to turn me on?

Oh, and by the way, here is Sekai and Kotonoha in their lovely boy forms:

Sekai and Kotonoha as guys.

(Yes, this entire post was just an excuse to post that picture)

Top Anime of 2007

I thought I would wait until 2007 was over before compiling this list. This list was drawn from all anime series that I watched that aired in 2007. This includes series aired entirely within 2007, series which started in 2007 and are carrying over to 2008, and series which started in 2006 and carried over to 2007.

By my count, this totals to 23 anime series for me, and I’ve narrowed it down to a list of 10 (actually, narrowing it down to about 8 was the easy part. Tacking on 2 more shows was the hard part). So, without further ado, here is the Top Anime of 2007 (warning – spoilers may lie ahead):

#10 Genshiken 2

This is a series that I watched most of (I think I got through episode 10 before it got licensed) and was a pretty solid 2nd-tier show I thought. It’s pretty funny from start to finish (heck, even the opening is) and I think would be enjoyable for most people who saw the first series.

#9 Mokke

Another pretty solid 2nd-tier show, Mokke is a pretty, shall we say relaxing, watch. It’s not quite as jello-inducing as sketchbook, but it has much more of a laid back feeling than most shows do. Toss on top of this a nice story about a pair of sisters who have to deal with supernatural spirits and solid storytelling and you’ve got yourself a good show.

#8 Myself; Yourself

The first of two “out of nowhere” series, Myself; Yourself is a series I almost didn’t watch, but ended up doing so since the fine people over at m33w were subbing it. This ended up being a surprisingly good show filled with twists that keept you on your toes. There may be some loose ends in this series, but it is overall pretty good.

#7 Idolmaster Xenoglossia

Idolmaster tops off a rather lackluster Spring season for me, and is the only show from that season that cracked the top 10 (granted, I only watched 4). I’m not one for mecha anime, so to see one which actually held my interest through 26 episodes is a pretty good feat. I think one reason is because this show seemed rather unique, at least to me. Yes, it’s similar to Evangelion in the sense that the machines have some sort of soul, but it’s more softer in Idolmaster than harsh like in Evangelion. Also, I think that the characters, and not the mecha, also helped drive this series forward and up.

#6 Minami-ke

The second “out of nowhere” series, the first top-tier series, and another series which I very nearly didn’t watch, Minami-ke ended up being a good random-hilarity series. There aren’t many series that can utterly lack a plot line and be successful. Azumanga Daioh tried and succeeded. Lucky Star tried and, for the most part, failed. Now, don’t get me wrong, Minami-ke is quite a different animal from Azumanga, but it’s still a good laugh from pretty much start to finish.

#5 Blue Drop

The top 5 in the list get into the heart of the top-tier shows of the year, and Blue Drop was certainly a treat to watch. One of two Greek Tragedies on the top 10 list, Blue Drop was great to watch, seeing how the main characters, Mari and Hagino, expand their relationship (both romantic and otherwise) under the backdrop of an eminent alien invasion. Probably the big thing that separates this from the top 4 is that I think the animation is kind of lacking from Blue Drop, but the storytelling makes up for it.


The only show on the list which may grace the 2008 list, CLANNAD has thus far been great to watch, as we’ve gotten through the story arc of 1 girl and are well into the story arc of a 2nd girl as we continue to unwind the mystery in this series. Add on top of the great storytelling by Key the fantastic animation of KyoAni, and you have one of the best shows of the year.

#3 ef – a tale of memories

Ef was clearly the prize of the just-concluded Fall season shows as it presented a story which is somewhat unusual for anime based on visual novels: multiple stories involving multiple males. In fact, three separate couples come out of this show, which each girl having her own unique and compelling story. A mysterious and well told (and well animated!) story gives ef the third spot on the list.

#2 Kanon

Like it’s fellow Key-KyoAni show, Kanon is a cross-year show. This one started in 2006 and finished up in 2007. Kanon quite possibly embodies the perfect visual novel-turned-anime show, with nearly perfect animation and a compelling story from start to finish. This would easily be the #1 show of the year, but only if one other show hadn’t aired, and that’s…

#1 School Days

Could any other show finish in the #1 spot but School Days? This show made waves in so many ways. First off, you had the male lead in the running for lamest male lead in an anime ever. Second, it’s rare that you actually get a harem show where the guy actually scores, much less which no fewer than 8 girls. Third, they creators of the show actually went through with the bloody ending, and we didn’t just get one, but two bloody endings, and memorable ones at that (“there’s no one inside” anyone?). Finally, this show will forever be remembered with the Nice Boat incident.

Yes, School Days must be the clear top show of 2007.

Also, did anyone else notice that all the top 4 shows are all visual novel-turned anime series?

Nice Boat?

I know I’m a little late to the party on this one, but I liked the call out to School Days in episode 1 of ef – a tale of memories. Nice Boat!:

Thanks to rollchan for pointing it out. He kept saying “nice boat!” and a time stamp in comments, and I went back and watched the episode a couple times and was like “wtf is he talking about! there’s no boat in the episode!” lol. Then I tried to watch really, really closely at the right time and saw that the paper flipped. Then I was like “I wonder…” and paused it right then and what do you know?…nice boat!

School Days – Episode 12 [END]

It’s the final episode of school days, and this episode is an exemplary example of how people with differences and grudges can come together, kiss and hug, and say that they will forgive and forget and create a school full of peace, happiness, and love.

Oh yeah right!

Kotonoha likes being with Makoto
Meanwhile, the wife's at home making dinner Makoto decides he likes fancy restaurants better

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We'll Finally Get School Days 12 Tomorrow

I don’t really know Japanese, but according to a new post on the School Day’s official website, it appears that AT-X has confirmed that they will air School Days episode 12 9:30pm Japanese time on the 27th – that’s 8:30am Eastern time in the US on the same day.

Again, if I am interpreting the page correctly, Episode 12 was originally scheduled to air at 10:30am Japanese time on the 27th as well, but it appears that AT-X has decided to re-air episode 11 in that time slot, choosing to only air episode 12 in the night slot. Episode 12 is also scheduled to re-air at 12:30am on October 2nd.

Update: Here is a link to the news on the AT-X website (warning, might be slow. I think they’re getting slammed)

I’ll update this post if I get more information or a better/different translation of the page.