No. 6 – Episode 11 [END]

The Holy Day celebrations start in No. 6, but the parasite bees start attacking everyone in sight. Meanwhile, Safu explains to Nezumi and Shion that No. 6 used her as a medium to access Elyurias. However, this was a trap by Elyurias, who has Nezumi destroy the main computer. However, Safu decides to stay behind. Nezumi and Shion try to escape, but Nezumi gets shot. Shion tries to drag him out, but gets shot in the chest and is killed, with Nezumi somehow getting them back to where Inukashi and Rikiga are waiting for them. However, devastated by Shion’s death, Nezumi refuses to leave, so Inukashi and Rikiga leave without him.

Meanwhile, all the bees that appeared from No. 6 citizens form into giant tornadoes when Elyurias, now fully freed, flies over and start destroying No. 6’s walls. Safu-Elyurias then returns to the facility, transforms into her true form (a giant glittering bee) and resurrects Shion.

Elyurias' true form: a giant bee. ZOMG RUN!

Elyurias' true form: a giant bee. ZOMG RUN!

I guess that was an OK ending. Safu “lived” but only in the sense that she’s now Elyurias and is essentially immortal. Meanwhile, we never really learned what Elyurias was other than some sort of powerful being. Clearly the rulers of No. 6 were in way over their heads in trying to harness Elyurias’ power.

We also never got a complete description of what the bees were or what their purpose was, but as far as I could tell they were the doing of Elyurias. No. 6 was obviously aware of them, and perhaps even controlling them to some extent in their experiments to unleash Elyurias, but clearly the bees were used as a trap by Elyurias to punish No. 6 and pretty much wipe it out (though clearly, many people in the city still survived). Why the bees decided to attack some people and not others…I don’t really know.

In a sense, at the end, both Nezumi and Shion got their wishes. Elyurias brought the walls down, much like what Shion wanted, but No. 6 took a beating like what Nezumi wanted, and most likely most of the people in charge of it were wiped out by the bees, and even if they weren’t, they’re not going to be able to pull off the “we’re a great utopia!” thing anymore.

In the end, I suppose this was a decent ending to the series. I think it could have been better – I would have loved if Safu had survived as herself – but it certainly could have been worse too. I think the series as a whole was overall pretty good. I never necessarily like major plot points not entirely explained, like the bees, but I guess I can live with it. The series is probably good enough that I would recommend it to someone who is looking for something to watch, but I don’t know if I’d tell them to put down everything they’re currently watching to go watch this.

No. 6 – Episode 10

Nezumi and Shion are taken to the correctional facility where they, along with a dozen truckfull of other people, are dumped into a giant pit, where most of the people die from the fall. However, expecting what was coming, Nezumi is able to make sure he and Shion survive. Along the way, Shion seems to suddenly know where to go and what security measures are in place. However, this change has also caused him to go berserk, willing to shoot, and even kill, security guards at will. They finally get to the top of the facility, where they find Safu…

Shion's gone berserk!

Shion's gone berserk!

This show seems to have gotten a lot better and more interesting as we’ve gotten through the later episodes, which is nice, though I’m wondering how we’ll end up tying everything up in the final episode. They’ve found Safu, which is a start, but will it be the Safu Shion knows? For that matter, will Shion by the Shion Safu knows? We still have the matter of the bees and bringing down No. 6 as well.

I’m guessing Safu’s wish for Shion to come to her led Elyurias. who promised to make Safu’s wishes come true, to either feed information to Shion, if not take over his consciousness altogether. That’s my best guess for how he knew where to go, and the change in his behavior. Who or what Elyurias is, and what happens to she/it is also hanging out there as well.

In any case, I’m really looking forward to the final episode in this series, and I’m interested how it’ll turn out.

No. 6 – Episode 9

Inukashi, Rikiga, Nezumi, and Shion capture a top health department official in order to get the layout of the correctional facility, but find that it’s pretty much impenetrable. The day before a major celebration in No. 6, know as the Holy Day, No. 6 forces attack the West City, arresting all the residents and taking them to the correctional facility. Meanwhile, Elyurias finally makes contact with Safu…

No. 6 wiping out more inconvenient poor people

No. 6 wiping out more inconvenient poor people

So the shit really starts to hit the fan in this episode. No. 6 comes in and pretty much kills or clears out most of the people in the West City outside of No. 6 and takes them all to the correctional facility. Luckily, this ends up being part of Nezumi’s plan to get inside.

Meanwhile, we learn that Safu’s grandmother was killed by No. 6 merely for being old, and No. 6 has been doing experiments on those who they take to the correctional facilities.  One of those people have been Safu, who finally “awakens” like what the scientists studying her were hoping, though something has obviously gone wrong there. Meanwhile, Yoming wants his supporters within No. 6 to rise up against the city, so we have a lot of things kind of converging together all at once here at the end.

No. 6 – Episode 8

Just to recap what I remember from this series: you have Shion, who is a genius, who was tossed out of No. 6, a supposedly utopian city, which turns out to be pretty much a despotic authoritarian city-state with no tolerance for dissent, because he helped a criminal named Nezumi escape. Nezumi wants to destroy No. 6, but Shion wants to save it from a potential invasion of odd bees. Meanwhile, Shion’s childhood friend and would-be girlfriend, Safu, is in trouble for questioning how her grandmother died.

Nezume brings Shion to see an old man who was a founder of No. 6, though regrets it. The man then tells Shion about Elyurias, a powerful being who looked over the forest folk. No. 6. burned down the forest and captured Elyurias in order to use her power for themselves. Nezumi is the last remaining member of the forest folk alive. The man tells Nezumi that the song he hears is Elyurias calling for him. He finally gives Shion a data chip with information about the parasite bees, Elyurias, and the forest folk on it. Meanwhile, Inukashi and Rikiga plan to gather information about No. 6’s correctional facility to help Nezumi and Shion infiltrate it to save Safu.

No. 6 - Not in the business of creating utopias for others

No. 6 - Not in the business of creating utopias for others

We finally get some background information about No. 6. We don’t really get a lot of information about the parasite bees, other than they’re not really knew, and this old man apparently knows a lot about them. However, when it comes to No. 6, the creators of it appear to have had noble intentions of creating a utopia. However, once they realized that was impossible, they disappeared or arrested anyone who dare suggest or reveal that the city was not the utopia that they claimed it to be. Of course, the ironic part of this is the idea that a utopia would need a prison in the first place, but…

We also learn about this Elyurias, who is apparently the one singing the song that Nezumi and Safu have heard twice now. Why Nezumi hears it seems clear: he’s one of the forest folk. The question is why Safu also hears it. Also, why does No. 6 want to user her as a “sample,” and what for?

No. 6 – Episode 7

Nezumi asks InuKashi for information about the new wing of the correctional facility, which she does after initially refusing. Meanwhile, a man named Yoming saves Karan from a probable city agent looking for dissenters. In the correctional facility, they are experimenting on Safu, where they find her to be the “perfect sample.” In a clothing store, Shion finds one of Safu’s coats and confronts InuKashi over it, who then confronts Nezumi over the situation. Nezumi and Shion fight the next morning over each hiding things from the other, and then they agree not to hide anything from each other anymore.

Safu: Sorry, you lose

Safu: Sorry, you lose

Well, it finally seems like Nezumi and Shion have come to some understanding to where they won’t hide things from each other anymore, which hopefully means we’ll soon learn why Nezumi is so intent on destroying No. 6 (though he seems to be less intent to, in deference to Shion).

Also, despite their claims of being independent and not trusting, both Nezumi and InuKashi seem much more worried about each other than either of them are willing to admit, and of course the whole situation with Shion is what has ultimately pushed some of this to the surface. Meanwhile, Shion and Nezumi finally share a kiss. Sorry Safu! Shion looks like he may have decided to share his sperm with someone else, heh.

No. 6 – Episode 6

Safu returns to No. 6 after her grandmother’s death, but things immediately don’t seem right to her. She tries to contact Shion but is told he’s been de-registered due the murder charge against him, which she doesn’t believe in a second. She goes to visit Shion’s mother to find out where Shion is.  Safu then decides to go to Shion but is arrested en route.

Safu knows something isn't right...with Shion's sperm

Safu knows something isn't right...with Shion's sperm

So right off the bat in this episode we get some additional evidence that No. 6 isn’t quite like the other cities. First, Safu’s prohibited, for some reason, from bringing a book about Picasso into the city. Why exactly is that? One wouldn’t think there wasn’t much objectionable about it at all, unless the city thinks the subject matter might create an image of humanity that isn’t ideal, which we have seen evidence of before. Also, it’s suggested that no one in the other cities wear the identification bracelets.

Safu is clearly uneasy about being in No. 6 from the start, but she becomes increasingly alarmed when she gets her grandmother’s personal items back, when the other knitting stick isn’t included and the scarf is free of her grandmother’s scent, and then again when her bracelet tells her that Shion is suspected of murder.

I think the question here now is: why did the police arrest Safu? Was her grandmother’s death all a ploy to get her back to No. 6? Or was she arrested for trying to contact Shion? Or did they eavesdrop on her conversation with Shion’s mother and arrest her for daring to question the city (clearly No. 6 is willing to go to great length to silence people who may dare criticize them, even in private). It seems increasingly likely that her mother didn’t die the peaceful death that was described, which is kind of what I suspected last episode.

We actually don’t see much of Shion and Nezumi this time, but Nezumi is still warning Shion to give up on No. 6 while Shion, even while realizing that there is something wrong with No. 6, doesn’t think everyone living there should have to pay the price for it. Nezumi derides his idea of “tearing down the walls” as a fantasy, but he clearly seems to have made him think.  Nezumi still refuses to tell Shion why he hates No. 6, and he clearly wants Shion to serve some purpose eventually. I suspect he’ll either eventually tell Shion about Safu, or he’ll find out some other way.

No. 6 – Episode 5

Another person in No. 6 falls victim to the bees. Shion goes to tell Nezumi, who is performing in Hamlet at the time (as Ophelia). However, a sudden gust of wind blows, and he falls unconscious. Simultaneously, in No. 5, a similar thing happens to Safu.

Dance, baby, dance

Dance, baby, dance

So this was basically a “let’s dump some more mystery into the series” episode. We had the bees before, which we at least somewhat knew what was going on (if not why), but now we have this wind thing that knocked both Nezumi AND Safu unconscious.  The only link between the two of them would seem to be Shion, but I’m not sure either how he could cause such a thing or how whatever did cause it would know he had both connections.

Meanwhile, Safu appeared to at least be aware that Nezumi was there (and what his name was – perhaps from Shion calling out to him, though how she could hear that, I have no idea), but Nezumi didn’t seem to know she was there. Speaking of Safu, it seems to be strongly indicated that her grandmother has died back in No. 6, which given her seemingly good health before, seems somewhat suspicious.

Then we have the bees in the stained glass window in No. 5.  Does that mean that the bees were some infestation from No. 5’s past that No. 6 is now suffering? Or maybe it’s some sort of covert attack on No. 6 by No. 5.  Whatever it is, No. 6 sure is going to great lengths from keeping whatever is going on from becoming public knowledge.

As far as Shion’s and Nezumi’s…relationship.  It sure seems to be going down that path, doesn’t it? Shion seems to have pretty strong feelings for Nezumi, and Shion caught Nezumi completely off guard in this episode. As I think I said after the last episode, Safu may find that Shion has already given his sperm to someone else lol.

No. 6 – Episode 4

One of Nezumi’s rats notifies Shion’s mother that he’s OK and in the West District. She sends a message back telling them to get in contact with an old friend of hers named Rikiga, though the meeting doesn’t end up going that well.  Later, Inukashi attacks Nezumi for having insulted her “mother” and for becoming weak since he appears to be becoming attached to Shion.

Feel the awkward yaoi waves being generated

Feel the awkward yaoi waves being generated

Nothing new to report on the bees in this episode, but we get a better feeling of what it’s like living outside of No. 6. Clearly it’s a dog-eat-dog world, where people don’t allow themselves to get too close to anyone else, in fear of becoming “soft” or of being stabbed in the back later.  So while fighting against the despotism of No. 6 may be laudable, they aren’t exactly in a position to replace it with anything significantly better. But I think that’s where Shion comes in.

He’s already started to affect Nezumi, and I think it’s only a matter of time before he gets to Inukashi as well, and I think the three will only get strong from it.  I’m sure it will be bumpy road along the way, but I think they’ll ultimately see the benefit of friendship and trust.

And oh yeah, more emo Shion in this episode. And crying like he’s Lag from Letter Bee. He even has the white hair to match.

No. 6 – Episode 3

Shion hides out with Nezumi, but he soon develops the same block spotches that his co-worker developed before. While Nezumi saves him, it starts to transform Shion in some way.

No. 6 is No. 1 in emo so far

No. 6 is No. 1 in emo so far

We still don’t really have any idea what the bees are, but Shion figures that there will be mass outbreak of them once Spring comes in No. 6.  Nezumi, meanwhile, seems to know more about them than he’s letting on.

If I had to take a stab at what they are, I might guess they are some sort of punishment for those who question or doubt the No. 6 system.  Think of it: everyone in No. 6 is implanted with a bees egg, but it remains dormant.  If the city finds out you’ve been saying bad things about them or doing something you shouldn’t, some stimuli, perhaps coming from the ID bracelet, activates the egg, and you die in some “accident.”

There is clearly some friction between Nezumi and Shion over No. 6.  Even if Shion doesn’t care for the city per se, he still have several people he cares about living there, but Nezumi doesn’t care about the city or the people in it, and would be happy to see the city and all of it’s inhabitants wiped out, while Shion would probably settle on perhaps supporting destroying the city’s institutions but not it’s people (I don’t think he’s quite there yet, but he probably will be eventually).

We can tell by now that there is a lot wrong with No. 6. They obviously like their citizenry ignorant of what the world is like, even if they’re very smart otherwise, as well as keeping them docile, and I’m sure we’ll learn more about the city as the series progresses.

The only other thing I really have to comment about is the fact that, this series, and this episode in particular, seems to be pretty emo.  It’s not really over the top, but there is a lot of emo yelling going on in this episode. And male bonding (not that there is anything wrong with that) and the like.  It just kinda has a weird feeling so far.  At this rate Nezumi way get Shion’s sperm before Safu does lol.

No. 6 – Episode 2

Four years have passed since the last episode. Due to his aiding Nezumi, he was kicked out of Chronis, the area of No. 6 where the highly qualified individuals live in luxury, and moved to the “Lost Town” part of the city. As a result, he was disqualified from joining the gifted program, lost touch with his friend Safu, and works as a park supervisor.

Give me your sperm, damnit!

Give me your sperm, damnit!

So obviously No. 6 isn’t exactly the pleasure city one would like. We got a hint of this in the first episode, but we basically confirmed in this episode that No. 6 is little more than a surveillance state where dissent is treated as a crime (at least for those who work for the city, and perhaps others too).

And obviously this…illness or whatever with the bee is either something that No. 6 is aware of at the very least, if not directing, though it’s hard to guess to what end yet. It’s not clear whether people get infected by chance or whether it is directed.  Shion was arrested for suspicion of murdering his workmate even though the state had to have known otherwise. Is it possible that his workmate’s death and his arrest was essentially a way for the state to get them out of the way after having witnessed something they shouldn’t have when they found the original body in the park?

In any case, I felt that this episode was a lot better put together, both in it’s writing and direction than the first episode and it gave me a lot more optimism for this series overall.  I’m interested to see exactly what Nezumi has been up to these past 4 years.

Also, maybe Shion should have banged Safu when he had the chance, heh.