Oreimo: Episodes 11 and 12 [END]

Kirino decides to be an ass while Manami visits, then tries to make up for it later.  In the finale, Kirino seems especially nice toward Kyou, and we soon find out why with her wanting him to go buy some eroge at midnight.  But we soon learn there is a reason for that too: she’s planning on going to America for track training the next day.

Gotta give the siscon people at least a few bones

Gotta give the siscon people at least a few bones

I think Kirino may be a hair jealous of Manami, there.  Either than or she just likes being an asshole.  Though it might be nice if Manami and Kyou actually decided to get it on.  And wait, how does Kirino know where Kyou’s porn is stashed?  Anyway, it’s nice that Kirino finally thanked Kyou for everything he’s done for her later, though it kinda got weird at the end with Kyou crying and Kirino giving him a siscon ero game lol.  At least we finally got to see the three girls in the maid outfits from a couple episodes ago.  This was definitely the best episode in this series for quite a while, and I laughed much of the way through.

In the last episode, it was pretty good I guess. A lot of series don’t know what to do for a final episode, but this one pulled it out pretty nicely, and left it wide open for a sequel as well.  And yes, I think this show is good enough for me to look forward to a sequel as well.  I had to laugh at Kyou’s friend buying a “homo game” as they put it for his middle school sister too.  Though, c’mon Kyou, wasn’t your reaction a bit harsh towards your friend, even if he was the one into those games?

As for overall thoughts, while kind of being marketed as a siscon show, I really don’t think this was one.  Yeah, there were a few awkward moments, and maybe Kirino has a little thing for Kyou (I think more than he has for her.  I legitimately think he has more of a thing for Manami), but there wasn’t anything major.  I know it might be weird for some people to conceive of, but there are some siblings who do actually have a good relationship with each other.  And while I’m definitely not opposed to siscon shows if done tastefully, I’m definitely not disappointed or anything by this show not going down that route.  I think there were a few episodes coming down the stretch that really weren’t necessary, but I think overall this series ended up being a pretty good one.

Oreimo: Episodes 8 – 10

Kirino goes through the adventure of having her story turned into an anime, but not before a confrontation with the anime staff.  Then the Tree Otaku spend a normal day at their homes.  Finally, it’s Kirino’s birthday, and Ayase wants to get her something good.  However, is she willing to pay the price?

What do you mean you're only catching up on this show NOW!?

What do you mean you're only catching up on this show NOW!?

Well, having an amateur’s first work be picked up for an anime seems a bit silly, but I rolled with it for a while.  However, I think Kirino’s scene in the staff meeting was the longest, most drawn out scene in anime history.  Maybe this was part of the point, but I wanted to punch her as much as the staff for the show did by the time she was done.  I’d say she probably deserved the dressing down that followed (though if they disliked her work that much, why were they going to turn it into an anime in the first place?)  The rest of episode 8 just seemed so…awkward.

As for episode 9, it was funny as much for Saori’s and Kuroneko’s home lives as anything else.  Kuroneko actually had a home life like what I’d expect.  Pretty normal (and wears normal clothes!) while hanging at home with her sister.  Saori, on the other hand, actually lives like how she writes (which probably explains why she writes like that).  So I wonder why she goes all Middle Ages with her speech when she’s around other otaku, then.  I also loled at Kuroneko’s mother peeking through the door at her daughter rollplaying by herself, with a look on her face as if her daughter was crazy.

Episode 10 was pretty funny, just from angry Ayase and cosplaying Kanako, but otherwise it didn’t seem like a lot happened.   These three episodes, taken together, seemed to be a downward slide in the show.  Not only do they minimize the siscon element (which I’m sure many fans of the show don’t like) and otherwise…while part of the episodes were funny, none of them necessarily held it from start to finish.  So I have to say, overall, these were a somewhat disappointing set of episodes.

It would be nice if the last two episodes got better, but it looks like this might be another series that starts off good, but then runs out of steam halfway through.

Oreimo: Episode 7

This show seems to get better and better.  First, we have another one of Saori’s line (this time via text – and oh by the way, she has got to be my favorite character outside the primaries). Next, we have Kuroneko giving a perfect impersonation of Kirino, which just made Kuroneko look totally out of character but was still hilarious.  And then of course the massive battle over Meruru (where I feel like I took sides with Kuroneko for most of it, though Kirino had some fair points too, I guess)

Kirino is wet...and wants to take Kyou to a hotel

Kirino is wet...and wants to take Kyou to a hotel

Also, I”m sure someone is taking Kirino’s idea of a planet filled with nothing but little sisters and turning it into an anime series as we speak.  Though how can one have a planet with only little sisters.  Don’t they have to be little compared to something else? (not to mention how were they born, unless the planet has some form of female-female or asexual reproduction).

In any case, Kirino seemed to let her guard down quite a bit when they went into town for “research.”  First, she wants Kyou to buy her a ¥30,000 (~$360) ring, letting out that it’s only natural if she “gets it from the one she loves” (and then pretends to be talking about her story).  It obviously doesn’t take long for Kyou to figure out that the trip is less about her research and more about her getting stuff for herself, which ultimately led to Kirino dumping cold water on her head to prove she wasn’t selfish, then a trip to a hotel she could clean up.

Since this show is put up on ANN a week after it airs, I’ve gotten bits and pieces about the episode elsewhere, and I thought I’d add my thoughts to it:

1) No, I didn’t think much of the shower scene.  She was wearing a robe, and not a revealing one at that, and I don’t find the act of her wearing one after showering to be particularly shocking or even abnormal (maybe it is in Japan, but I don’t find it such).  I’m sure it was meant to add to the tension, but it seemed like people were overreacting to a scene that I felt was pretty tame.

2) No, I didn’t get any major sense that Kirino has a brother complex in this episode, other than her comment about the ring.  Otherwise, it just felt like an episode where Kirino has been lonely and wanted to be pampered by Kyou, but is too proud to actually admit to the fact, and so came up with “story research” as a cover story for it.

Given the first comment I saw on twitter about this episode was “why don’t they just fuck already,” I was rather expecting more from this episode in that regards than what was there.  I’m not saying I don’t like the episode.  Just saying that, once again, it seems like people are overreacting over not very much.  Maybe the writers will finally do a “real” scene like that between the two, but there is still little to suggest that either character is going down a true brocon or siscon road to me.

Anyway, while maybe not the best episode of the series, though the first half was pretty good, this series still hold a stranglehold as the best series I’m watching this season.  Of course, Kyou leaves us with the teaser that “never expected what was to happen later.”  Since this series is basically been teasing over the whole siscon and brocon thing all along, I would expect something similar regarding Kyou’s comment.

Oreimo: Episodes 4 – 6

Heh, so we go from 3 episodes with only a light touching around the siscon business (aside from the eroge games) to smashing the TV with a hammer 1984-apple ad style in episode 4, with not only Kyou getting a, er, handful of Kirino (by accident, of course) but having Kirino’s best friends see as well.  But man, Ayase get scary when she gets angry.  I guess nobody’s perfect, though one has to wonder if there is anything behind her almost violent hatred of lying.

Can we join in too?

Can we join in too?

I think one of the more entertaining parts of this show so far (and it’s obviously entertaining to Kyou and Saori as well) is the constant tsundere fighting between Kirino and Ruri.  Obviously having two prideful tsunderes together can be both problematic and entertaining at the same time.

Unfortunately for Kirino, the more conspicuous she became about being an Otaku, the more likely it was that she was to eventually be discovered, and she might have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for Ayase’s instincts and her dislike of lying.  Though, at least in this case, Ayase’s news-reliant opinion was helpfully refuted by, naturally, less publicized retractions of the original news stories (isn’t that how it always works?)

In episode 6, I enjoyed how Kyou’s friend so easily ripped about Kyou’s facade over his childhood friend Manami.  It’s pretty obvious Kyou has a thing for her, though either he’s good at hiding it or doesn’t realize it himself.  Of course, Manami’s crush towards him is a bit more obvious.  Anyway, after this episode, I approve of having even more Manami in the future.

Overall, I’d say this is still the top show out of the four this season I’m watching.  It’s not a top class show, but it’s keeping on pace as not being a bad one.  We have some possible room to grow between Manami and Kyou, though I’m not sure what’s next regarding Kirino.  Her parents and best friends have already found out about her Otaku side, so other than full publication of the fact, there aren’t many other places to go in that regard.

One last note…does anyone else think that the TL notes on the Oreimo episodes are a bit excessive? They’re worse than some fansub groups.  Chances are if someone is watching the show, they at least have a passing familiarity with Japanese culture. Jeez.

Oreimo: Episodes 1 – 3

Pre-Thoughts: This was pretty much the last show I added to my watch list, and the premise isn’t exactly new: a person with a good reputation (in this case, the protagonists’ sister) ends up accidentally revealing that she’s a huge Otaku (or player of eroge games or whatever is the case in this show) and, I presume, they ultimately fight The Man for oppressing the downtrodden Otaku. Or something.  In any case, it looked more interesting than just about anything else left out there so I’m watching it.

If a series is streaming on a site like Crunchyroll, I make it a point not to download fansubs, even if I have to wait to watch it, but I very nearly did (and probably would have) if ANN hadn’t put the episodes back online after stupidly letting them leak (I guess that’s an initiation all new online streaming sites have to go through).  But since it’s back online, it’s back to watching it on ANN.

And after 17 years of trying, Kyou finally gets the upper hand

So we have Kyou, who is, let’s admit it, jealous of his sister’s, Kirino, success in seemingly everything.  However, this success, and Kyou’s lack of his own, has made Kirino look down on him and pretty much ignore him.  This changes when Kirino accidentally drops an eroge (ironically called “Love Little Sister”) that Kyou finds.  So Kirino tries to get the box back, proving to Kyou that she’s the one who dropped it.  Luckily for her, Kyou isn’t very judgmental about it, and the two probably talk more in a 5 to 10 minutes span than they have in their entire lives combined> (Kirino does win points for including School Days in her collection too).

So anyway, while there are several things about this show which are pretty standard (the male protagonist, and the general setup of the show), it seems to me that there are a lot about how this show was put together which makes it a bit different, at least from other shows I’ve seen, and it’s kind of refreshing.  I guess with the very nature of the show, there is the “siscon” tension, but it’s definitely background and humorous, at least to this point.   I can’t really say that anything feels all too forced in this show, other than maybe Kirino’s insistence Kyou share in her hobby to a degree, but I guess that might be expected from someone who is as strong willed and bossy as she is and who found someone who isn’t going to shun her for it.

Of course, like any show only 3 episodes in, this show can still go up or down, but I think it’s definitely on the right track, and may actually be the best show of the ones I”m watching this season to this point.  I’ll just have to see where they take the show now that we’ve done the “brother has found out” and “parents have found out” angles already through 3 episodes.