Usagi Drop – Episode 11 [END]

Rin is over her cold, but now Yukari has a cold, and Rin is feeling guilty over possibly giving her cold to Yukari. Rin, Kouki, and the kids of Daikichi’s father friends practice jump rope where they talk about containers that hold their kid’s baby teeth and Daikichi thinks Rin would love that. Daikichi soon decides to join Rin in jump rope after seeing that he’s gained weight. The pair then visit Daikichi’s parents, where one of Rin’s teeth finally comes out.

One final set of DAWWWWWs to wrap up this series

One final set of DAWWWWWs to wrap up this series

Rin and Kouki practicing jump rope was another DAWWW moment, partly because I think I remember doing some of the stuff they did while trying to jump rope too. I also liked how Rin teased Daikichi by acting all depressed over screwing up the jump rope contest but then being like “I kicked ass at the backwards jump rope!*” (* not actual words Rin used). I also LOLed at Rin stepping on the scale when Daikichi was weighing himself later.

As I said last time, I really hope they continue this series later. It’s cute and full of DAWWW and it’s fun to watch Rin growing up and seeing Daikichi having to deal with it, but still loving it himself too. I guess if one wants a series is a strong and defined story line, this isn’t a show for them, but this series still manages to be great. If you like this type of series, I’d definitely recommend trying to see it the first chance you get. I’m just sad it’s over.

Usagi Drop – Episode 10

This is the third and final series I had been watching in the summer season. There isn’t necessarily a complex story line here. Mainly it’s just Daikichi taking care of one of his late-grandfather’s illegitimate children, Rin, as no one else in the family wanted to, and the trials of rewards of that undertaking. Also, there is a major DAWWWWW factor in this show.

One day, Daikichi is visiting Rin’s school during some sort of art day and meets a couple of the other “fathers” there, both of which he finds he has some sort of indirect connection with. He then runs into Yukari, who gets nervous because it’s becoming colder and she’s afraid of Kouki getting sick. On the way home, Yukari notices that Rin has a fever. Daikichi takes her to the doctor, who says it’s not the flu. Rin, however, refuses to take her medicine and her fever gets higher, and Yukari helps Daikichi to get Rin over her fever.

Rin's got the fever

Rin's got the fever

This was another great episode, just expanding on Daikichi’s role as acting-father. First he meets some other “father friends,” as he put it, and joked with Yukari that he feels weird telling kids (mainly Kouki) not to do all the things that he did when he was little himself. Then Rin gets a cold, and Daikichi starts freaking out, but once again it’s Yukari that comes to save the day.

I really, really wish Yukari and Daikichi  ended up getting together. They’re so perfect for each other, but I still don’t think that will happen. Yukari seems to have “friend zoned” Daikichi, so that’s probably that there.

In any case, the next episode is the last one, and I don’t want this series to end. Maybe they’ll make a second season. This is certainly a series that seems like it could keep going if it’s popular enough.

Usagi Drop – Episode 9

The weather announces a typhoon is coming, which worries Rin, but Daikichi just remarks that they come every year. At school, Kouki is acting up, and the teachers can’t seem to get him to stop. However, after Rin tells him to stop or else he’ll get in trouble, he behaves (amazing both the teachers and the classmates). Rin’s girl friends are afraid that Kouki will start bullying her, but she reassures them he wont. That evening, it starts raining harder, so Daikichi decides to bring Kouki home from daycare along with Rin, where Yukari meets up with them later and they end up having dinner together.

I'd like it if this happened more often...

I'd like it if this happened more often...

Rin appears to be getting into the “boys!” stage a big, especially when Kouki acts up, though it appears like she already successfully has a leash on him given how he behaved after she yelled at him. But she’s still sighing whenever Kouki goes off and does something boyish.

Of course, the typhoon set up the situation where Yukari ended up coming over and having dinner. It seemed like Yukari didn’t really know how to react at the end. I don’t know if that’s because she has a thing for Daikichi and is just trying not to show it, or if she just doesn’t know what she’s feeling (or if she’s somehow jealous that Kouki gets along so well with Daikichi).

In any case, the lull in the DAWWW seems to have only lasted one episode, as this was another good one.  It’s too bad there are only 2 episodes left after this one. I think this show is begging for a 2nd season, at least.

Usagi Drop – Episode 8

It’s approaching Obon, so Daikichi decide that he and Rin should visit Soichi’s grave. Once there, Daikichi notices Masako’s already been there so he runs after her and asks if she wants to look on Rin secretly, which she does. The pair then go to Soichi’s old house, only to find the yard graveled over. At home, Daikichi presents Rin a chocolate cake to celebrate her 7th birthday.  Meanwhile, Masako is taking on even more work so she can try to put everything else out of her mind.

Watching Secretly

Watching Secretly

This was an OK episode I guess. It’s nice to see something like Rin’s birthday and Obon, but there wasn’t particularly anything “new” per se in this episode, except Masako working herself to exhaustion, partly because she’s afraid that her time in the limelight will pass her by as well as to help her forget some of the choices that she probably regrets to get her where she is.

Otherwise, I’m not really sure there was much to say about this episode.

Usagi Drop – Episode 7

Daikichi’s cousin Haruko suddenly shows up, having run away from home, where she lives with her husband and his parents. Apparently she can’t stand any of them anymore so she ran away to Daikichi’s until she figures out what to do next. This is generally a blast for Rin and Reina, though Reina does confess to Rin that her parents are fighting all the time, but she pretends to be asleep.  Daikichi also has a run in with Yukari at the grocery store, which causes Haruko to tease Daikichi over his obvious crush for her. In the end, Haruko decides the best option is to go back home, even though she doesn’t particularly like it.

The adults know that the children are right

The adults know that the children are right

This was like, the greatest episode of anime ever to air in the history of the universe lol. Reina and Rin’s discussion about adult affairs (and right in front of Daikichi and Haruko) was hilarious, with Kouki just piling on top in the way only he can. And then Haruko teasing Daikichi about Yukari just made it even better. I was having a hard time not grinning in amusement through most of this episode.

This episode did display a nice contrast between the troubles of the life of the adults – living with a husband you don’t particularly like as well as trying to raise children on one’s own – with the innocence of the children, who know what’s going on, even if they don’t know why.

Of course, this whole ordeal brought up the issue of Yukari’s divorce again, which we didn’t learn anything new about, but Daikichi just reaffirmed that he’s pretty sensitive to the subject. However, I still have to think that we’re eventually going to find out what happened, either because Yukari needs someone to talk to about it or because Kouki ends up spilling the beans on what happened, though he hasn’t even really done that with Rin yet.  I still think Yukari and Daikichi should get together, but I somehow don’t think Yukari sees Daikichi in that way.

In any case, this show just keeps rolling and rolling and rolling.

Usagi Drop – Episode 6

It’s time for Rin to start elementary school, which she attends with Kouki. To commemorate this, Rin and Daikichi plant a loquat tree outside their house after Daikichi tells her about he and his sister getting trees when they were born. That makes them wonder if Souichi planted a tree for Rin. Daikichi asks Masako and sure enough, he did. When Daikichi finds it, it’s a fragrant olive tree, just as his tree is.

It's time for that most awful of awfuls..that most terrifying of terrors! SCHOOL!

It's time for that most awful of awfuls..that most terrifying of terrors! SCHOOL!

So Rin starts elementary school, but we don’t really see any interactions at the school, at least yet. However, we get to see more Kouki and his friendship with Rin. And of course he acts like a typical boy and Rin has the typical female frustrations about it.

This episode kind had more to do with the idea of Rin growing up. She and Daikichi talked about the planting of trees and growing up with the tree and so forth. However, Rin seemed to get depressed over the fact that she didn’t know whether she had a tree from birth, which upset Daikichi as well, because he hated bringing up the topic and then seeing Rin get down because of it.  And this, of course, led to another merry meeting between Daikichi and Masako.

Otherwise, there really wasn’t much going on. I expect we’ll see Rin’s and Kouki’s friendship grow (and we may end up seeing them get into some trouble eventually, thanks to Kouki), and hopefully we’ll see some of her interactions at school as well.

Usagi Drop – Episode 5

Daikichi arranges to meet Rin’s mother Masako. She ends up being a pretty young manga author who basically left Rin with Souichi in order to continue her career, and as a result, their meeting goes a little rough. Daikichi thinks about adopting Rin, but Rin objects, saying “Daikichi shold stay Daikichi.” Rin also graduates from nursery school.

We finally meet the mysterious Masako

We finally meet the mysterious Masako

So we finally meet Masako, who seems to be somewhat torn between keeping up her job as a manga writer and caring for Rin, though Daikichi is still clearly not happy with her for choosing her job over her own daughter, probably especially so because he was willing to get transfered at work in order to better take care of Rin.

I found it interesting that Masako and Daikichi’s mother both thought Rin wouldn’t have a problem changing her name, but Rin was the opposite: she thought having her father’s last name was important for her identity.  Rin seems pretty mature and able to take things in stride, though she obviously still has normal worries that someone her age might have too. Daikichi is still rather confused about how she views him, however.  He takes care of her like her father but their relationship seems to be somehow different from that too.

The nursery school graduation was full of more DAWWWW as I guess was to be expected. I still think Daikichi and Kouki’s mother should get together, but I somehow don’t think that’s going to happen.

Up next (or at least soon) it seems like it will be time for Rin to start elementary school, which I”m sure will be yet another adventure for her.

Usagi Drop – Episode 4

Some of the kids at daycare are making fun of Rin because she doesn’t know who her mother is, and she calls her father “grandfather,” when another, kid, Kouki, comes to her rescue. Later, Daikichi find a clue in Rin’s health booklet that ultimate leads him to a paper written by Souichi about Rin’s mother.

Lopsided Ear Bunny

Lopsided Ear Bunny

So Rin and Kouki, who are both kind of anti-social, get along pretty well, as seemingly do Daikichi and Kouki’s mother. They seem to hit it off, though one wonders whether that will work out.  It’s kinda interesting anyway.

Most of the rest of this episode was more DAWWWW along with learning a bit more about Masako.  Apparently, she thought herself a failure as a parent, and was perhaps too immature to be a parent.  This has apparently led Daikichi to try to contact her, which he just gets an answer on the phone when this episode ends.  It’ll be interesting to see whether Masako is interested, or still feels in adequate or what.

Also, it’s almost elementary school time, huh? That should open up a new chapter in the life of Rin, and I look forward to it.

Usagi Drop – Episode 3

The time Daikichi has left before needing to find a permanent day care for Rin is running short, so he decides to ask another worker in his office, Gotou, for her advice about that and other child-rearing things.  Daikichi also goes to Souichi’s house to see if he can find anything out about Rin’s mother.

Dawwwww Overload

Dawwwww Overload

So Daikichi finds out from Rin that Souchi had a maid – who just happened to have the same name as Rin’s mother as listed in her health booklet.  But Rin doesn’t like her because “she hated Rin and was always angry.”  He also discovers that Rin is confused about death and is worried about her or Daikichi dying, but he reassures her that everything is OK.  He also asks for a transfer at work so he doesn’t have to work overtime. He also finds a permanent day care for Rin.

The best description for this series so far is still “DAWWWWWW!”  I love it when Rin gives Daikichi the Stare of Doom whenever he does something she doesn’t like. Even though she’s only six, she sure is full of personality, which just makes this series all the better so far.

The bit about Rin’s mother apparently being Souchi’s maid – and the fact that Rin doesn’t like her – adds in a little bit of intrigue into the series.  It probably will make it easier for Daikichi to contact her, but will Masako be interested? Did she really hate Rin and was she always angry? And if so, why? Maybe she was mad because Soichi only ever treated her like a maid, I don’t know. I guess we’ll probably find out eventually.