Funimation’s New Show A-Go-Go Day 10 (Part 1?): Samurai Champloo

Well, this is really confounding.  Not only did people blow the Soul Eater clue, but the Evangelion clue, which begs the question…what were those clues for (or what did they mean) or are we not done with this New Show A-Go-Go thing?

In any case, Funimation (supposedly) wraps up their 10 day announcement blitz with their 7th Geneon rescue – another distribution deal, not a licensing deal – with Samurai Champloo.

But still…either those two clues need explaining to me, we’re not finished, or Funimation ran into a problem and had to pull back on the two big expected announcements.


And we have our answer from a Funimation rep on the ANN forums:

According to my watch December 31st lasts 24 hours.

New Year’s Eve is not over.

I think that pretty much guarantees that we can expect more later today.  Don’t tell me they’re gonna wait until like, 11:59 PM to announce (and you never know, they could wait until central time too!)

Funimation’s New Show A-Go-Go Day 7: The Count of Monte Cristo

Maybe Funimation should have put out more challenging clues.  Once again people guessed the Funimation clues right and once again Funimation rescues a GONZO show previously licensed by Geneon – this time it’s Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo.

This is the final Geneon rescue that the clues seemed to obviously indicate, meaning that we will hopefully get nothing but new shows from this point on.  Again, given the track record people have had with the clues so far, it’s becoming increasinly likely that we’ll get Soul Eater and the Evangelion movie, as well as a third as of yet unknown title (which most of you hope is Toradora!, though next I’ll ask what you think it will actually be), which I have a feeling we’ll either be seeing either tomorrow or last.

Count so far:

Geneon rescues: 5
Actual new shows: 2

Right Stuf licenses Maria-sama ga Miteru

And Right Stuf’s and Nozomi’s announcement was for Maria-sama ga Miteru, which is being released under the name “Maria Watches Over Us.”

According to the announcement, the series will be released in three season-long box sets, with Season 1 being released July 29th. The first two seasons were 13 episodes long. The 3rd season was a 5 episode OVA.


Looks like the two TV seasons will sell for $49.99 each while the 5 OVAs (which are 50 minutes each, by the way) are going for $39.99. This also appears to be a sub-only release.

Surprise Box Set

Koi KazeToday I was surprised when I was doing my anime and manga releases to see that Koi Kaze was coming out in a box set. Not too long ago I had looked around to see if one existed or if one was coming and I didn’t see anything, so this kind of came as a surprise.

This was probably a middle of the pack series, but I believe it was the third one that I rented from blockbuster when I started watching anime. However, I only watched the Japanese version, and I had wanted to wait until I watched the English version to write a review. That time appears to be soon now that a box set is out and at a non-outrageous price (with tax and shipping I got it for about $50 on circuit city).

Of course this reminds me of all the series I have yet to write reviews on, including Ai Yori Aoshi, The World of Narue, and Please Twins – which I have no excuse over since I own them all. I’ve also received Porco Rosso and Akira from blockbuster (cause they refuse to send me any of the top 6 discs in my queue, even though 4 are listed as available now) so those should be coming in not too long (assuming I don’t get majorly busy).

As for series I’m currently watching, I have 3 discs (and the second movie) left in Cardcaptor Sakura. I also have two discs left in Ah! My Goddess (though blockbuster lists volume 5 as “coming soon” even though the sixth disc has already been released).

No Oscar for Howl's Moving Castle

While I haven’t had the chance to see it yet, I was kind of hoping Howl’s Moving Castle would win best animated picture because, I think, anime, whether in movie or series form, needs all the good publicity that it can get. It’s good that it was nominated, but it’d been better had it won.

Wallace & Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit won the Best Animated Feature award. Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride was the only other film nominated for the category.