Speed Racer only takes in $20.2 million

Speed RacerWell, Speed Racer ended up doing what I feared it would: it bombed.

OK, yeah, it finished in 2nd, but it only took in 40% of Iron Man which is in it’s second weekend, and even though it (barely) brought in more money than What Happens in Vegas, at least based on the estimates, it took in less money per theater.

And next weekend we get Narnia (followed by Indiana Jones the following weekend), so don’t expect any sort of rebound either.  That’s a pretty bad opening for a movie that cost $120 million or whatever to make.

Looking at movies with similar openings last year, Speed Racer will probably hit $50 million (for example, 1408 opened at $20.6 million and finished with $72 – though it only cost $25 million to make, while Halloween 2007 brought in $26.4 million on it’s opening but totaled only $58 million), but I’m sure they would have liked that as an opening weekend, not as a total domestic haul.