Blue Drop licensed by Sentai/Section23/The Company Formerly known as ADV (plus other shows)

Blue Drop logoI’m not sure how I missed this yesterday (probably because I was messing around with other stuff), but Blue Drop, a show which I thought might never get licensed, was picked up by, well, the remnants of ADV films (I think Sentai Filmworks did the actual licensing while the newly formed Section23 will do the distributing).

Sentai also announced licenses for Polyphonica, Special A, Tears to Tiara, and the second season to You’re Under Arrest.

Blue Drop is a 13 episode yuri/sci-fi series which aired between October and December 2007 (see my episode reviews).  Polyphonica is a 12 episode adventure/comedy series that aired between April and June 2007.  Special A is a 24 episode romance/comedy series that aired between April and August 2008 (see my episode reviews).  Tears of Tiara is a 26 episode fantasy/adventure series which started airing this past April and is still in progress.  Finally, You’re Under Arrest Season 2 continues the action/comedy series for an additional 26 episodes, which aired between April and August 2001.

You’re Under Arrest Season 2 Collection 1 has a street date of November 3rd, and includes the first 13 episodes.

Special ASpecial A Collection 1 has a street date of November 10th, and includes the first 12 episodes.

The Blue Drop and Polyphonica box sets have a street date of November 17th, and contain the entire series.

Tears to Tiara Collection 1 has a street date of November 24th, and includes the first 13 episodes, a mere 5 to 7 months after they aired in Japan.

As is the case with all the new licenses from Sentai, these are all sub-only releases.

Funimation’s New Show A-Go-Go Day 3: Vandread

Another day, another Geneon rescue of another GONZO title for Funimation. As hinted and expected, Funimation continues their GONZO sweep as they pick up their 2nd (actually, technically 2nd and 3rd) GONZO series up from Geneon (Vandread actually showed as two-half season shows). As with the previous two licenses, Funimation actually picked up the license for this show, not just a distribution deal.

Now, the first big question now is what are we going to get on Christmas Day? Is Funimation just going to keep announcing their Geneon rescues first, or are they going to give us a special title tomorrow? If people are right on the Funimation clues, we’re going to get Soul Eater and Evangelion, and perhaps Oh! Edo Rocket as new licenses, with 2 shows unknown. My feeling is that we’ll either get Soul Eater or Evangelion (my bet is actually on this) tomorrow with the other being kept for last, but we’ll find out.

Count Thus Far:

Geneon Rescues: 3
Actual New Shows: 0

Angelic Layer on Anime Network on Demand

Angelic LayerOK, I know there is a lot of stuff on demand, but If I ever see anything that I like or have reviewed, I’ll try to point it out. Starting today, August 10th, Anime on Demand is starting a weekly release of Angelic Layer episodes on it’s video on demand service.

As a result, episode 2 will be available August 17th, episode 3 on August 24th, episode 4 on August 31st, etc. Each episode is available for four weeks, so you’ll actually have four episodes available at a time to watch.

Of course It’s sad that I watched an episode of an Anime on video on demand despite the fact that I own it, but I kind of see it this way: it’s uncut and commercial free when it’s on demand anyway, so I don’t really lose anything, and there just seems to be something about watching an anime you like coming across your TV cable than coming out of your DVD player. Perhaps its the feeling of relief that you’re not the only person who knows about or likes that series (even though Angelic Layer is moderately popular anyway).

Of course, Angelic Layer may be the only series that I’ve completed before that I’ll see on Anime Network VOD just because it’s one of the few ADV series I’ve seen (despite the fact that they’re the largest anime licenser. Geneon/Pioneer wins hands down as the company I’ve viewed the most products from).

Other ADV products I’ve seen are The Place Promised in our Early Days and Neon Genesis Evangelion (so basically 3 out of 32 series I’ve completed). However, I have started renting Kaleido Star, which is also ADV and which is also on anime network VOD. I just haven’t caught up to it yet. I am also starting to watch This Ugly Yet Beautiful World on Anime Network VOD, though I’m not sure when episode 3 is coming, since it’s not on the release schedule for August.

The only issue I have with VOD is that, since I only got it starting a couple months ago, most series are still in the middile – there are very few series which have actually started since I’ve gotten it, and most of the ones I’ve seen the first episode of, I’ve either disliked or are lukewarm on it.