Nijuu Mensou no Musume – Episode 05

It’s Nijuu Mensou no Musume Episode 5, and in this episode, the group members decide to do their best Kalaido Star impersonation as they pass themselves off as a circus to pull off their next heist. However, Chiko soon becomes friends with the daughter of the head of security of the museum where their targeted item is being kept, and starts having some doubts about the mission.

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Maid Guy – Episode 06

It’s Maid Guy Episode 6, and Naeka declares that it’s time for everyone to go on a diet. However, Naeka is more of the “lose weight quick” type person and goes to extreme lengths to try to lose weight (and ends up being unsuccessful anyway). In the meantime, Maid Guy reveals even more of his powers.

And remember: Clumsy maids are born! (ok that was a dumb one)

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Special A – Episode 06

It’s Special A Episode 6, and Hikari is “hired” to go to a party as Kei’s partner, but the guest of honor seems to have some issues with both Hikari and Kei – something that neither of them appreciates.

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Shion no Ō – Episode 20

It’s Shion no Ō episode 20 as we are slowly, but surely inching towards the conclusion. Shion and Hani-meijin’s match is set to begin while both Satoru and the lead detective investigating the case of Shion’s parents’ murder try to get a definitive answer to the biggest question of all: who committed the murders.

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Maybe finally back on track

It seems like forever since I did anything with this blog.  I think I’m about to get on track, though.  Right after I post this, I’ll start posting my next episode reviews.  I’ll try to post another set this weekend and hopefully another set soon after.  I’ll try to catch up soon, in any case.

Also, no podcast this week.  Once Wednesday hits and I haven’t put it out, I just forget it for that week.  I’ll do a double episode next week.