Nabari no Ou – Episodes 4 – 6

The Iga and Fuma both decide to gather the five books of forbidden techniques from the five villages. Iga wants them to find a way to transfer the Shinrabanshou from Miharu to someone else while the Fuma want them to find a way to eliminate the Shinrabanshou altogether. Meanwhile, Yoite wants to use Miharu for his own purposes.

The indifferent twins

The indifferent twins

So Yoite basically implants a part of his ki into Miharu and his friends, so that whenever he dies, they’ll all die too, in order to blackmail Miharu into learning how to use the The Shinrabanshou and grant his wish (which is to have never been born). Somehow by the end of the series, I have a feeling that Yoite will change his mind about his wish, and Miharu will probably find somewhat to save him from his fate from using the Kira.

Meanwhile, I’m growing increasingly suspicious of Kotarou, as his methods seem pretty ruthless and we don’t seem to know much about them still. I wouldn’t be shocked if he intends to use the five books to try to get the Shinrabanshou himself, and perhaps even already knows that there is no way to eliminate it. Of course, doing that would put Raimei in the difficult position of either betraying Miharu or betraying her village.

Nabari no Ou – Episodes 1 – 3

Next on my list of “previously aired anime that I’m just now watching” list (I need to come up with a more succinct name for that) is Nabari no Ou. This has kind of always been on my to-watch list but I had never gotten around to actually watching it (obviously). I have pretty high expectations for this series, so I hope they’ll be met.

Interestingly Uninterested

Interestingly Uninterested

So from what I can tell so far, Miharu has this thing inside him called the Shinrabanshou which, unleashed, would basically allow him to do anything. It’s also apparently corrupting enough to take over his personality, though it hasn’t yet.  Along for the ride we have Kouichi, who can manipulate the wind, Raimei, who is a samurai and doesn’t seem to use shinobi powers, and Tobari, who is the oldest, most powerful, and most knowledgeable of all of them, and also appears to have been present when Miharu used his powers when he was little.

From what I can gather, Miharu’s indifference appears to be a sort of self-defense mechanism against the Shinrabanshou that he isn’t really consciously aware of. It seems like the Shinrabanshou feeds off of it’s host’s desires, of which Miharu has few to none due to his indifference to near everything (though that appears to be changing somewhat now). Various factions want the Shinrabanshou for themselves to become the most powerful Shinobi

As for writing style and acting, this has been a pretty good show so far. It can be a bit quirky, but in a good way, and Miharu’s sarcasm and mischievousness I can definitely give a thumbs-up to.  The being attacked my enemies thing is OK for now, though hopefully they’ll do more than sit around and be attacked for the whole series.

Top 10 Anime Openings of 2008

Yesterday I presented my list of the top 10 EDs of 2008. Now it’s time for what I thought were the top 10 OPs of 2008. Once again, I’m judging these more on the music than the animation of the OP. Also, once again, they have to be songs that premiered in 2008.

#10 – Kaiba
“Never” by Seira Kagami

This is a pretty light song, but it’s still emotionally impactful by just listening to it. There were a lot of good OPs this year that could have slid into the #10 spot, but I felt that this was the best one to put there.

#9 – A Certain Magical Index
“PSI-missing” by Mami Kawada

This song is actually more mysterious and intense sounding than the actual series was (at least the first half of it) so I’m not sure how well this song actually went with the series, but I still like the song.

#8 – Soul Eater #2
“PAPERMOON” by Tommy heavenly6

This song is a nice pop/rock song with a nice, but dark, rhythm to it which just draws me to it.

#7 – Gundam 00 #2
“Ash Like Snow” by the brilliant green

I’ve never really been all that interested in the Gundam shows in general, but this song certainly has a nice beat and sound to it.

#6 – Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uruk
“Swinging” by Muramasa☆

This is an upbeat and rather goofy sounding opening, but it’s really catchy. Past the first episode, it was sadly probably the best part of the show.

#5 – Nabari no Ou
“Crawl” by VELTPUNCH

This opening seems kind of unusual to me. It’s kind of upbeat, but in a kookie sort of way. In any case, I like it.

#4 – True Tears
“Reflectia” by eufonius

If I were going by animation, this would probably be #1. Even so, it still has a very good and compelling song to go along with that animation.

#3 – Someday’s Dreamers: Summer Skies
“fly away” by THYME

The choice between #2 and #3 was pretty tough. This song is an excellent soft rock song and it’s easy to get into the rhythm of the song.

#2 – To Love-Ru
“forever we can make it!” by THYME

Yes, THYME gets both the #2 and #3 spots in the list. As much as I avoided this series like the plague, it does have a very catchy (even if NSFW) opening.

#1 – Gunslinger Girl -Il Teatrino
“Tatta Hitotsu no Omoi” by KOKIA

I think this was, for me, hands down the #1 opening song of 2008. It told you right there that the show was a drama and should be taken seriously (despite the animation flaws in the actual show). I can just sit and listen to this song for hours if I let myself.

Funimation’s New Show A-Go-Go Day 4: Nabari no Ou

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through animeland, not a creature was stirring, except the Funimation people announcing Nabari no Ou as their Christmas special new license.

That’s right, Funimation gives us our first completely new show in the wee hours of Christmas morning by giving us Nabari no Ou.  Now, I didn’t see this series – which ran in Japan just this April through October – but I seem to remember hearing a lot of good things about it.  Funimation’s webpage for the series has this write-up:

Miharu Rokujo is content to live an introverted, apathetic life, but destiny has other plans for him. Trapped inside this young boy lurks the powerful secrets of the Shinra Banshou – a ninja art powerful enough to control the world. Forced to join the school’s Nindo Club for his own safety, Miharu is introduced to covert members of the hidden ninja world Nabari. If the boy is to survive, he must rely on Kumohira, the club’s advisor, who vows to discover a method for removing the clandestine powers that could one day make Miharu the Ruler of Nabari.

Funimation also said that they would release the series in two 13-episode sets, but did not say when the first set would be released other than just saying “2009.”

This is the first true “surprise” announcement that I can tell, as I never saw anyone suggest this title from any of the clues that Funimation provided.

In any case, the count is now:

Actual New Shows: 1
Geneon Rescues: 3