Mayo Chiki! – Episode 13 [END]

Nakuru drops by to visit Kinjiro’s house needing advice. However, what she needs advice on apparently entails asking Kinjiro out on a date, which surprisingly he consents to (even if half-hearted). During the date, she explains a situation where she tells him that a boy confessed to her, and she was wondering why, and wondered if her larger bust might be the reason. She admits she has a complex over her large breasts and won’t be able to concentrate on her BL novels until she knows that boys won’t keep asking her out over them. So she smashes her boobs against Kinjiro to “prove” that he won’t go bonkers over them. However, this also makes Nakuru find Kinjiro “cooler”…

This wasn't really important to the story, but I was still LOLing

This wasn't really important to the story, but I was still LOLing

I’m trying to figure out why the writers made this, of all things, the final episode to the story, unless they pretty much already have a second season planned and wanted to use this as a sort of bridge to it. Either that or they had some money left but ran out of material after episode 12 and were like “what the hell, let’s make another episode.” It’s not this episode was bad in of itself, I just found it curious that they made this the last one.

Overall, this was a so-so series. There were some good parts to it, but there were an awful lot of parts that just kind of grated. It got tiring watching Kanade torturing Kinjiro in an attempt to “cure” him at times. The best part of the series always involved the interaction between Kinjiro and Subaru and between Kinjiro and Usami. Most everything else was just kind of boring and/or annoying I thought.

If there is a second season, I’d have to think about whether to watch it. It may depend on what else is airing at the time. This wasn’t so bad that I’d say I don’t want to watch any more ever, but it’s not good enough that I would definitely watch a second season either.


Mayo Chiki! – Episode 12

Kinjiro, knocked out by Subaru’s kiss at the end of the last episode, is found by Usami, who agrees to take him to the graveyard where Subaru’s mother is buried, and sure enough Kinjiro finds her there. Subaru doesn’t want to go back home yet so the pair stay the night at the inn. The next day of school Kanade tells Kinjiro that Subaru has transferred to another school. However, Subaru’s alter-ego, Punyuru, has decided to join the school. Kinjiro then enlists the help of the two rival Subaru fan clubs at the school to start rallying support to reinstate Subaru as a butler, which apparently works.

Only Kinjiro would have a problem with this

Only Kinjiro would have a problem with this

Well, this was a pretty decent episode. As I kind of expected, we wrapped up the “Subaru becoming a butler again” thing in one episode and not two, and Subaru wasn’t even outed, though I have to agree with Usami wondering how people aren’t getting that Subaru and Punyuru are the same person. One can only stretch that so far, I think, unless they’re just feigning it somehow.

I guess this leaves open how this series will end. I think this episode would have been a good conclusion, but apparently the writers have something else in mind. Oh, and Kinjiro is your typical male lead who just doesn’t get it.

Mayo Chiki! – Episode 11

It’s the start of a new semester, and Kanade wastes no time starting her antics, putting a little wine into Subaru’s lunch, which apparently is enough to make her strip and do just about anything, and faking hiccups in a ploy to get Kinjiro and herself alone. However, later, while not paying attention Kanade falls down some stairs and injures her ankle. While Kanade doesn’t blame Subaru, Subaru’s father arrives to tell her that she’s being fired as a butler for allowing Kanade to get hurt. This angers Kanade, who vows to persuade her father to change his mind. However, Subaru seems content to quit, guilty over what happened. Kinjiro chases after her, however…

Kanade's hiccup cuteness is even too much for Subaru

Kanade's hiccup cuteness is even too much for Subaru

The first part of this episode ended up being some of the usual stupid which makes this show grating to watch sometimes, such as Subaru randomly stripping due to just a tad bit of alcohol, as well as Kanade once again trying to jump Kinjiro.

However, the second half started getting better as we started ramping up some drama and starting what appears to be the final story arc for this series. Subaru clearly doesn’t feel like she’s worthy to be a butler anymore, which is just made worse by the fact that she’s been fired, and now it looks like it’s up to Kinjiro and Kanade to try to save Subaru’s job. We still have two episodes left, so I guess we’ll see if it takes the whole two episodes to get through this arc. I’d say there is also a reasonable chance that Subaru gets outed as a girl to most everyone at some point too, probably the end of the next episode if it happens.

Mayo Chiki! – Episode 10

It’s Kureha’s birthday, and she goes to celebrate with Nakuru, Usami, Subaru, and Kanade. She also reminisces about all the birthdays where Kinjiro was kind to her, but he forgot her birthday the previous year, which made her sad. However, she remembers all the other times he’s good to her, so she’s OK. When she gets home, Kinjiro greets her with a big birthday present stuffed polar bear to make up for missing last year.

It's Kinjiro vs. Kureha: The video game fight to the death!

It's Kinjiro vs. Kureha: The video game fight to the death!

This was actually a pretty sweet episode, with minimal Kanade blackmail or other of the usual stuff. This is pretty much entirely Kureha having fun on her birthday, and her appreciating how much Kinjiro does for her.

I did have to laugh at some of the presents, though, such as the Subaru body pillow that Usami got her or the fighting video game that Kanade got made for her. This episode didn’t really advance the plot much, but it was also a nice change of pace of some of the repeated stuff he had seen in previous episodes as well.

Mayo Chiki! – Episode 9

In this episode of Working! Mayo Chiki, Usami brings Kinjiro in to help with her part time job at a Maid cafe (to wash dishes) in exchange for allowing him to copy her summer break homework. Naturally Kanade decides to swing by. To boot, Kureha and Nakuru show up as part timers as well. Kanade then ends up tormenting Kinjiro by telling everyone that he has a maid fetish, then torments Usami by making her “test” her hypothesis.

Kanade brings out her biggest weapon: the garter belt!

Kanade brings out her biggest weapon: the garter belt!

I suppose this was an OK episode. This was almost entirely an Usami episode, really ramping up her angst over her feelings for Kinjiro, allowing her to be an easy target of Kanade, who is well aware of how she feels.

Otherwise, this was mainly a fanservice show for those who love maids, which isn’t really my cup of tea, but whatever. Usami is your typical tsundre, so she’s cute in some ways, but really grinding in others as well. Really the only part Subaru had was backtracking her confession from the previous episode and downgrading it to wanting to be “best friends” because she’s too nervous.

Mayo Chiki! – Episode 8

This is part 2 of the beach/hot springs episode. Naturally, Kinjiro and Suburu run into each other in the male’s bath, only to be joined by Subaru’s father, who has to be ejected by Subaru (and knocking out his memories of the event with it). Later, the group and Subaru’s “cousin” goes to a festival. We also learn the real reason for the trip was to allow Subaru to visit her mother’s grave. At the end of the night, Subaru confesses to Kinjiro…

Subaru sure loves her creepy sheep...

Subaru sure loves her creepy sheep...

I had to LOL at the fact that they “clouded” over Subaru’s butt in the onsen but not Kinjiro’s butt. In any case, no one could have possibly predicted that Subaru and Kinjiro would run into each other in the male’s bath. OK, ok, everyone could see it coming from a mile away.

Having said that, this was a much improved episode with some background info about Subaru and some character development for her. Yeah, there was still some silliness but it wasn’t too bad. And Subaru basically confessing to Kinjiro at the end will hopefully make the series a bit more interesting from this point on.

Mayo Chiki! – Episode 7

I’m hopefully back to some level of blogging, and I’ll start by finishing off the series I had started waaaaay back in the summer season. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Mayo Chiki!, but I basically remember that butler guy, Subaru, is actually a chick trying to hide his identity, while the main protagonist, Kinjiro, is some poor schmuck who gets tormented by all the girls, which is made worse by his girl-phobia.

Kanade drugs a drink that Subaru hands to Kinjiro and kidnaps him to a hot spring Kanade’s family uses. Kanade claims she’s running away from home because she doesn’t want to take a vacation overseas. Naturally, she also uses the trip as a chance to try to “cure” Kinjiro as well. Kanade also coerces Kureha, Usami, and Narumi to show up, forcing Kinjiro to try to hide Subaru’s identity from them, but needs Kanade to bail him out this time.

Yes, it's that time: time for the beach episode

Yes, it's that time: time for the beach episode

I can’t remember if I had this opinion before I went on my hiatus, but this show is kind of just plodding along. It seems to be about the same thing just about every week. Kanade has a plan, Kinjiro gets tricked or coerced into getting involved, Subaru has some brush with almost being caught, and then gets jealous, angry, and shy/nervous at various points, and Kanade finds some way to cause Kinjiro to get a nose bleed.

I realize that’s kind of the point of this series, I suppose, but watching episodes is starting to become a little bit of a drag to me at this point. If there was any high point in the episode, it’s perhaps that Usami has pretty much said that she doesn’t trust Kanade, so maybe that will go somewhere eventually.

Mayo Chiki! – Episode 6

So the school festival comes, and almost immediately, Subaru starts disrupting Kinjiro and Usami’s “date” until finally it pretty much breaks down. Kinjiro and Subaru then go to fight S4’s rival group in their war, which ends up being a quiz contest run by Kanade. The question to win who Subaru’s first kiss was with, which she has to confess is Kinjiro (which surprises him since he was unconscious at the time). Later, Kinjiro finds out that Usami quit S4 and she ends up confessing that she was just lonely and wanted to see what Subaru saw in Kinjiro. In the end, Kinjiro accepts Usami in their group of friends.

Somehow I knew it would come to this

Somehow I knew it would come to this

Not that I didn’t think it was already obvious, but I was pretty much right about Usami just being lonely and having her fake date with Kinjiro not really being about the S4. She ended up not being all that bad of a character, I think, though there is still a bit we don’t really know about her. We’ve gotten several clues that her homelife isn’t great, but we haven’t gotten any real specifics on that yet. However, Kinjiro is now in double-trouble with his girl phobia now. Not only does Kanade want to try to “cure” him of it, but Usami does too, though I seem to doubt that Usami’s methods will be quite as sadistic as Kanade’s.

Subaru, meanwhile, can be pretty jealous as was obvious in this episode, but I wonder how both she and Kinjiro will feel now that Kanade forced her to admit that her first kiss was with Kinjiro, albeit when he was unconscious. One might think that might create a bit of awkardness between the two in the future (though it didn’t seem to at the end of this episode).

Overall, the whole S4 “fight” was a bit silly, but at least it wasn’t too over the top. The quiz show kind of toned downed what was building up to be a pretty silly situation. I guess the quiz was also Kanade’s sadistic event for this episode, though it was actually pretty tame compared to some of the others (though it was still mean to make Subaru confess her first kiss). Hopefully we’ll see a bit less of her and a bit more of Usami in the future, though.

Mayo Chiki! – Episode 5

Kinjiro gets run over by a girl, Usami, on his way to school, and ends up getting attacked because he was too stupid to tell her that the thing he wanted between her legs were his lost glasses (and then again after she recognizes him as Subaru’s friend). Subaru asks Kinjiro out to the school festival, but Usami has other ideas.

Another rabbit jumps into the fray

Another rabbit jumps into the fray

So we have a new character introduced, with Usami. However, despite her claims of wanting to date Kinjiro due to wanting to dishearten S4’s enemies, it seems to me that she’s just lonely. She says she doesn’t have any friends, and doesn’t seem to have a great home life, and so she’s using the current situation as a reason to seek companionship.

Of course, that could cause problems for Kinjiro if she’s still wanting to date him after the school festival is over. If Kinjiro were smart, he’d tell Subaru the situation, but I’m not sure if he’s that smart, or if he’ll get the chance since I’m guessing most of his free time will be taken up either by school festival prep or with hanging out with Usami.  In any case, despite the initial impression, Usami doesn’t appear to be all that bad of a character right now to me.

It’s nice to have an episode with minimal Kanade interference, though there were a few cliches thrown in, such as Kinjiro falling into the dressing room while Usami was changing or his classes ending up in Usami’s lap, and instead of just saying so, he beats around the bush by saying he wants something from “down there” and thus sounding all perverted.

But all in all I think this episode was an improvement over the last two. It advanced the story in a different direction which has the potential to be interesting and entertaining.  I do find it funny that, in many shows like this, the main male lead is the one who gathers the harem, but in this case, it’s Subaru, the reverse-trap, who is unwittingly gathering the harem.  I just kind of find that funny.

Mayo Chiki! – Episode 4

Subaru arrives on Kinjiro’s doorstop at the start of golden week wearing cats ears and tail after being kicked out of the mansion. Soon Kanade shows up and challenges Subaru to a Butler vs. Maid battle, but this is stopped short when Kinjiro gets a cold. We soon learn why Kanade is there: Subaru and her father have been kicked out for fighting with each other until they make up.

Nyan Nyan Butler

Nyan Nyan Butler

This is the 2nd sorta mediocre episode in a row, and I’m afraid that this show may be falling into a rut.  We get some additional interesting background information, such as Kureha having a thing where she’s afraid Kinjiro might die when he gets sick (which I guess stems from how their father died) which is somewhat reflected in Subaru due to a similar thing happening to her mother.

However, the Subaru and her father are fighting thing and then getting kicked out just seems kind of contrived to me, and then Kanade just suddenly popping up was the point in the episode where I just kind of felt like this episode drove into a ditch (It wasn’t going so bad up to that point).  The last thing I want is for this series to be 8 more episodes of “Subaru gets into awkward situation with Kinjiro, Kanade suddenly randomly shows up to make it worse. Repeat.”

I like the characters. I think Subaru and Kinjiro are both being developed pretty well. I just think the writing and episode ideas over the past couple of episodes have been lacking.