Welcome to Josh’s Anime Blog! This is an anime blog which started on February 28, 2006, and which is still going strong mired in a lengthy hiatus and who knows when it’s coming back.

Josh Explained

I guess I consider myself a relatively “new” anime fan, having started watching it in the fall of 2005, while I was in grad school. Since then I’ve gloriously gone out into the workforce and finished my masters degree and I’m now just a guy who works and tries his best to run an anime blog on the side.

If I knew that I’d be blogging for this long as got this many visitors (though I still think this blog is kind of in the middle of the road as far as popularity), I would have probably tried to think of a better name for it. But that’s all water under the bridge now, and this blog remains the one of the blogs with one of the most unoriginal anime titles in anime blogdom.

The Blog in a Nutshell

This blog has evolved over time as I’ve come up with new ideas and became more active in blogging. This blog largely started as a place for me to post anime reviews for series which I have seen, and it still serves that purpose. However, the focus of this blog has shifted over time more towards doing episode reviews of currently airing series.

I also post weekly release schedules for DVDs and manga, as well as post opening and ending credit sequences for shows.

I also have a podcast, though it’s currently on indefinite hiatius, but if you want to check out my old episodes, feel free to check them out.

A Brief History of Blog

This is currently Josh’s Anime Blog Version 8.

Version 1 started, obviously, when my blog was launched, and was hosted on my old site at http://anime.calculusman.com and used the Simple PHP Blogging software.

Version 2 was launched July 27, 2006 with a new visual design as well as a wider page design, but still used the Simple PHP software. This version went through a visual redesign (basically version 2.5), but not a structural redesign.

Version 3 was launched May 30, 2007 with the switch to WordPress. I consider this a new version more because of the fact that the back end changed rather than the design, which largely went unchanged.

Version 4 was launched around the start of June 2007 when I made the banner taller and started implementing a choose-your-theme system (with a rotating theme for those who didn’t choose).

Version 5 was launched December 3, 2007 with a wider page, and a second sidebar to keep most of my sidebar items relatively close to the page.

Version 6 was lunched February 26, 2009. It dropped one of the sidebars, putting much of the information that used to be in the sidebar into the horizontal navigation, whether as links or sidebar. This allowed me to make the content area of the blog wider for the first time in quite a while. Also, i made it so that the first post on the blog is “full width.”

Version 7 was launched August 29, 2009. I moved the dropdowns that had been in the horizontal navigation back into the vertical navigation, as well as making the navigation overall more streamlined, and made it go all the way to the top of the page, allowing me to use a smaller banner. I’m also using the new border-radius CSS style which allows me to have rounded corners everywhere (unless you have IE). I also started hosting the anime credits videos since YouTube has increasingly been cracking down on them, as well as various other improvements.

Then came Version 8, which I launched on March 22, 2010 as part of my “come back” from a rather lengthy hiatus.  I made this design a lot simpler, including getting rid of some of the border-radius stuff (which was cool, but hard to work with) as well as getting rid of the choose-your-theme thing, which I think was kind of cool, but I’m not sure how many people used it, but I felt obligated to keep adding new choices to it anyway.  I have a feeling that this will ultimately be a stop gap design until I get around to designing something better (since I already kind of don’t like it).  But for the mean time, here it is.

Finally, in December 2012, after being on quite a hiatus, I moved this blog to wordpress.com so I could keep it as an archive and have it around still if I wanted to continue blogging again.

The Future of Blog

I’ll continue working on this blog as long as I have time and motivation to do so. Most of my hiatuses have largely had to do with either school (which is done) or politics, usually elections (and usually Presidential elections), but there have been times where I just temporarily fell into disinterest with anime in general, which was the case of my last hiatus.  However, hopefully I’ll be back for a while this time.

I’m not sure when or if I’ll add on new features to this blog. I seem to have found a nice combination of things to post right now, but if anyone has any good ideas, feel free to let me know.