Shakugan no Shana S – Episode 4

Series: Shakugan no Shana S
Media: Ruffian fansub – Episode 4

Shana vs. the Smog Monster

Apparently now more skilled at liking as Junko, Shana can now sense memories from the bracelet from Yukio.  Also, I didn’t think things within a fuzetsu would interact with the outside world until the fuzetsu vanished.  Maybe because it was a moving fuzetsu, that’s why it could?  Though, even then, things that occur within a fuzetsu usually take place instantaneously as compared to the outside world, so I”m not sure what was up with this one.

I thought this was a so-so episode.  I liked the first part better, and I kinda wonder why they needed to spend two episodes on it, but whatever.  It was interesting to see Shana’s experiences working within a Torche’s existence though.

However, at the very end, Shana says something very interesting about Yuuji: “that day we separated,” apparently mentioning the day Yuuji appeared to “choose” Shana at the end of the second series, as she stands across from, apparently, Yuuji on the bridge.  Of course, that looks like a direct feed into the 3rd series (whenever it airs) which just makes me want to see it all the more to see what that’s all about (and no spoiler from those who might know!).


2 thoughts on “Shakugan no Shana S – Episode 4

  1. I think you are right in that because this Fuzetsu was a moving one, that’s how there was interaction with the world outside.

    I’m told that this story actually comes from the light novels so I’m guessing that to tell everything there, two episodes were required.

    But yeah, that teaser at the end has me eager for a new series. ^_^

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