Yosuga no Sora: Episodes 2 – 4

Bah! So the writers either made Sora chicken out after stripping or they were leading us on, with her saying that she wanted to be “measured’ for a uniform. Though, there is still evidence that she has a BroCon, such as her getting jealous at Haru hanging out with other girls and the like.

I'm shy. But just wait until the end of Episode 4...

It seems like the hints of Akira x Kazu were mainly from Kazu feeling obligated to take care of Akira.  Of course, we played through the arc of Kazu, Akira, and their father through episode 4, and it pretty much looks like that arc is complete, though not before Kazu and Haru appear to get it on.

Speaking of which, I think Yosuga no Sora is vying for show that can get the closest to being hentai without actually being hentai.  Not that these scenes are very common (we’ve basically had 2 in 4 episodes) but still.  I know it’s a fanservice thing, but I’d kind of like my show not suddenly interrupted with, as I said early, near-hentai scenes.

As for the show, many shows like this one always seem to have a lot of mystery surrounding everyone, but this one really hasn’t, other than maybe Haru and Sora’s past, which hasn’t really been touched upon since episode 1.  We had the Akira parents situation, but that’s now resolved, and half of that arc seemed like an excuse to get Haru and Kazu together.  It’s still relatively early, but this show seems to have been a bit of a disappointment.  The episodes aren’t bad per se, but…there just hasn’t seemed to have been very much to look forward to in the series.