Cardcaptor Sakura – Episode 42

It’s Cardcaptor Sakura episode 42, it’s time for Sakura and Shaoran’s play, with Sakura playing the Prince, Meilin playing an excellent evil Witch and, of course, Shaoran playing the Princess.  The play progresses without real incident, with Shaoran acting nervously and Sakura being all athletic until suddenly an absolute darkness covers everything, leaving Sakura lone.  She identifies the card as The Dark card, but that isn’t enough to capture it.  She soon realizes that she’s glowing and assures herself that she’ll be alright, and this allows The Light card to appear.  Sakura is able to seal the two cards together, but as they return to card form, they tell Sakura that they hope Sakura will be their new master, but Yue will be the one who must make that final decision.

This episode marks the first time that Sakura has heard of Yue, and we get one small, but potentially important piece of information about Yue: he/she is close to Sakura already. That would seem to suggest that it is somebody we already know.  The question is who?  The most obvious suspect would be Ms. Mizuki, considering how she keeps showing up in Sakura’s dreams, and also seems to always know when a Clow Card is about to show up. But perhaps that’s too obvious a choice? The only other people around who seem to show any disposition toward magic are Shaoran, Kero, and Toya, and clearly none of them seem like very likely suspects.

Meanwhile, I love how Meilin played the villain in the play. She makes the perfect evil witch (amazing how the parts just randomly fell into place there…).  I love how she got all jealous  during the scene where Sakura was supposed to wake Shaoran up.  I also had to laugh at how Shaoran was such a bad Princess, with him getting nervous with Yukito in the audience, and then falling onto the spinner when he trips over his dress.

Finally, we’re now over the 50 mark for the number of Clow Cards collected. How many more to go? There can’t be too many left.

Cards Captured: Dark, Light
Card Count: 50