AniBlog Tournament: Round 2, Matches 9 – 16 Voting

Sorry for not doing this over the weekend, but I ended up doing a sudden Harry Potter movie marathon just cause I felt like it lol.  In any case, based on the comments from my last batch of sites, I thought I would clarify and correct a couple of things:

1) Content – Content absolutely comes first.  Things are listed pretty much in reverse order of importance (though design and post rate/layout are similar in weight).  If someone has a clear win on content, it’ll pretty much win the overall, no matter who wins the other two categories.  That doesn’t mean I still won’t make comment about the other two categories, but content still rules.  Winner of content is a combination of quality of content and total amount of content (post rate x content per post).  My deference is to quality, if you just don’t post that often, I may very well not pick you, no matter how well you write.  While creating quality content is important, actually creating content, period, is important as well.  So someone with medium quality, but a good total amount of content may beat someone with superior quality, but with a low level of content.  Having said that, I’ll try to read a bit more thoroughly than I have up to this point to perhaps better gauge quality.

2) Post rate – Post rate only matters up to a certain point.  When I see someone posting, on average, about every other day, I pretty much stop counting.  I’d consider posting every 3rd day (about 10 posts a month) to be moderate, and someone posting less than twice a week (usually 6 or 7 posts or less per month) as a low posting rate.  If someone has recently come back from hiatus, and they haven’t been back long enough to really tell what their post rate post-hiatus is, I’ll look at how they posted before they went on hiatus.  If someone is currently on hiatus, then they’ll get penalized for that, depending on how long it’s been.

3) Post style – On this point, I’ll kind of say “my bad.”  I think I need to be a bit more clear when talking about this on whether I think someone’s post style is a problem.  For example, last time I tried to say that, while a couple of blogs had the IPIP (image-paragraph-image-paragraph) post style, they had done it in a way that didn’t make it so bad.  However, I apparently still left the impression that I thought it was bad, so I’ll try to be a bit more clear on this.

4) Design – While this is technically the least important of the two categories, it can still determine the winner if I feel the other two categories are close or counter each other.  Also, being a web designer myself, I kind of feel an uncontrollable urge to point out every little thing that I see that drive me nuts about a design.  That’s why I include my disclaimer at the top of the posts not to take my criticisms personally.  I routinely tear apart people’s designs (including my own).  I try not to be too hard on people who have hosted blogs, such as on wordpress, though things like categories, rss feeds, etc. I will take into account since they can put them on their sidebars.

OK, having said all that, I’ll try my first attempt at making a multipage post here doing my reviews.  As usual, if you see me criticizing something about your blog, it’s nothing personal.  I tend to tear apart people’s websites when I do comparisons such as this, so just keep that in mind.

Aniblog Tournament | HTML Bracket


9 thoughts on “AniBlog Tournament: Round 2, Matches 9 – 16 Voting

  1. Thanks for the review o/ especially since the grading commentary about Marcana that I could use to assess my blog has been sadly lacking, for both rounds ;-;
    Never thought the header size would bother people, since it’s still 1/3-2/5 screen size on my browser and leaves much of first post exposed without scrolling. I purposefully expanded that from the original theme but… mmmh
    Glad you like the art, since picking them sometimes takes as long as it does to write the post XD

    Also, not sure if you’re aware of this: but with paged posts, only the first page shows up on feedreader and not even a link to the other two.

    • Ha, sorry if I started short-cutting some of the reviews by the time I got to today’s blogs, but it probably literally took me 4 to 5 hours to write this post lol.

      I think 300 px is probably OK, though I’m not sure I’d go much larger. It’s fine on this screen, but personally I’m not really fan of having to scroll to actually get to the content lol.

      And grr on the paged content on RSS thing. Thanks for letting me know about that. I’ll see if I can find a fix for it.

  2. Yes, I admit my “quirky design” sense is not great (I need to actually learn CSS) and I’m up against a worthy opponent in zzeroparticle, who is more motivated to actively write posts than I am and has found a particular focus in anime music. The current background color on my blog is #F2F3F4 so I guess that’s in the realm of gray or off-white. Thanks for the compliments about the content itself.

  3. I am actually delighted to hear that my writing is quite good :)
    I must admit that I should post more often but that would be impossible for me considering many factors in my RL. I’ll just hope for the best and do my best for now.
    btw, I’m glad I got featured in your blog ;D

  4. I think my design is best described as being functional. I could probably use a facelift at some point though, so if there’s any specific suggestions on what I could change up, do let me know!

    Also, writing about OSTs is hard not to mention it’s a weird niche in the anime fandom to begin with. I’m just glad that people have enjoyed AI thus far, and that’s all the motivation I need to keep on posting.

    Thanks for the critique!

  5. Hmm, got any suggestions on alternates to the IPIP format? I can’t tell you how long I’ve wrestled with it, but ultimately stayed with it, because it was the most linear and functional format.

  6. The banner part is my fault. Will have to fix that in the weekend when I am free :P. Categories need to be cleaned up internally. We noted that, but I wasn’t back earlier to fix it. On content, I am trying to beef it up soon with some discussion among the authors, so we will be making improvements as well. Thanks for the feedback ^^. It was harsh but we take all constructive criticism with good faith. If you don’t care, you won’t bother saying it, yes? :D

    • The categories were not shown because there are major issues with replication and the likes when we move from to our current server. Not too sure what caused it because I wasn’t active when they moved the blog.

      Then, I was happily on a hiatus when I was waylaid by work and the likes. As such, the other bloggers do not really know how to deal with the monstrosity of the issue. It was left totally messy (my fault), and it was not shown because it was KIV.

      Now that I am back and kicking, I will fix that. It’s my top priority other than the banners. I will try to get that done before your next review to have a more positive post ^^.

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