First Impressions: Nyan Koi

Nyan-KoiPolaryzed – I’ve finished the first 3 episodes of this show and I must say that I think this series gets my Surprise Hit of the Season Award.  Originally I had this on my pass list.  Come on, a kid starts talking to cats and it’s supposed to be good?!  Well, it IS!  The characters are great and likable, the writing is good, the jokes are funny, it’s silly but not over the top, and the dialogues with Junpei and the cats are awesome.  I’m definitely watching this one to the end.

It has a touch of romance, decent comedy that isn’t based purely on fan service, and the animation is crisp and, so far, consistent.  Pairing wise, I’m definitely on the Junpei x Sumiyoshi boat.  Kaede is kind of annoying and a little to perfect for my tastes.  Give me an oppai tsundere tomboy any time over that.  Based on the OP, there are a few more characters to get introduced (including what look like twins), so I hope it doesn’t turn out to be too much of a harem.  Time will tell I guess.  Check it out.


One thought on “First Impressions: Nyan Koi

  1. I also found Nyan Koi! enjoyable to watch. I wasn’t expecting anything from it, but I was more than happy to be pleasantly surprised by it’s hilarity. Nyamsas, Tama and Junpei make a totally funny combination. Oh, and I’m on the Junpei x Sumiyoshi shipping boat too. ^^

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