Funimation’s New Show A-Go-Go Day 10 (Part 1?): Samurai Champloo

Well, this is really confounding.  Not only did people blow the Soul Eater clue, but the Evangelion clue, which begs the question…what were those clues for (or what did they mean) or are we not done with this New Show A-Go-Go thing?

In any case, Funimation (supposedly) wraps up their 10 day announcement blitz with their 7th Geneon rescue – another distribution deal, not a licensing deal – with Samurai Champloo.

But still…either those two clues need explaining to me, we’re not finished, or Funimation ran into a problem and had to pull back on the two big expected announcements.


And we have our answer from a Funimation rep on the ANN forums:

According to my watch December 31st lasts 24 hours.

New Year’s Eve is not over.

I think that pretty much guarantees that we can expect more later today.  Don’t tell me they’re gonna wait until like, 11:59 PM to announce (and you never know, they could wait until central time too!)