I Survived a Japanese Game Show Season 2 Tonight

I Survived a Japanese Game Show - Season 2Don’t forget, the second season of I Survived a Japanese Game Show starts tonight on ABC at 9pm, after Wipeout.

This season splits 12 people (vs. 10 for last season) into 2 teams to complete in the “Japanese-like” game show Majide.  This season is allegedly supposed to have more games and less behind-the-scenes dorama, which even I felt was the show’s biggest weakness last year.

Indeed, initial interest in the show was fairly decent (the season premiered at #2 in the time slot vs. America’s Got Talent, only to fall out of the top 4 by the end of it’s 7 episode run).  I’m guessing that the success of the zany obstacle course game Wipeout has caused ABC to decide to try again on ISaJGS since it’s very much up the same alley.  It’s just that Wipeout was obstacle course from start to finish while maybe only 1/3 of ISaJGS actually consisted of contestants competing.  We’ll have to see tonight how much ABC increased that ratio.  I’m not expecting start to finish games, but hopefully at least a majority of the episode is dedicated to games.

The show was orginally supposed to start airing in July, but was pushed up to this week (maybe the Goode Family wasn’t faring that well?)

Evangelion on ABC! OK, not really, but still marginally cool

I’m surprised I didn’t spot this earlier, but there is a brief shot of an Evangelion poster in the 2nd episode of I Survived A Japanese Game Show:

And if you’re blind as a bat and can’t see it:

As I said, I’m surprised I didn’t spot it before since I’ve been trying to keep an eye out for anything like that.  I wouldn’t be shocked if I missed something else too.

I Survived a Japanese Game Show

Wow, I totally didn’t even know that this show existed until I was surfing channels tonight.

In fact, I was thisclose to not even seeing it. I was about to stick another anime DVD into the VCR um, duh, the DVD player when I saw that Family Feud was on NBC, and I always loved that show, so I had to watch. But when I was flipping during ads, I saw that ABC was advertising a show call “I Survived a Japanese Game Show” which was to air next so, of course, I had to check it out.

Now, my impression is that they’re taking part in a made-up Japanese game show called Majide (and someone can correct me if I’m wrong on this part) where contestants basically compete in the most famous (or infamous) competitions seen on Japanese game and variety shows.

I’m not really an expert on said shows, so I’m not sure if the competitions they partake in actually occur or are common on Japanese TV, but this should be interesting nevertheless, though I almost watched as much to see things in Japan (oh! There’s the Rainbow Bridge! I know that! Oh! And that’s the Tokyo Tower! Oh, and I’ve seen that building in an anime before too!) than to actually watch the reality show.

In any case, they can’t have a show set in Japan without hitting anime eventually, I would think. They at the very least have to go to Akihabara and run into a horde of otaku or something.