Kobato – Episode 14

It’s Kobato episode 14, and the nursery goes to pick a neighbors potatoes, where Kobato and Fujimoto find a kid who is running away from home stealing from the patch.

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Kobato – Episode 13

It’s Kobato episode 13, and Kobato finds a nice giant ginkgo tree that the children can play under, only to find out that it’s scheduled to get cut down.

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Kobato – Episode 10

It’s Kobato episode 10, and Kobato decides to help air out the futons at the nursery, since it’s such a nice day, and ends up learning about Fujimoto’s past from Sayaka.

kobato10-00002 kobato10-00009 kobato10-00012
kobato10-00017 kobato10-00020 kobato10-00022

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Kobato – Episode 06

It’s Kobato episode 6, and the nursery kids go on a field trip, but Kobato answers a phone call from a loan shark who threatens to shut down the nursery. As a result, Ioryogi decides to meet up with some old acquaintances to find out what’s going on.

kobato06-00003 kobato06-00006 kobato06-00010
kobato06-00012 kobato06-00018 kobato06-00024

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