Shakugan no Shana III – Episode 20

Wilhelmina is all depressed that she isn’t able to have lesbian sex with Pheles, and Margery Daw shows up to cheer her up. Rofocale is still roaming around somewhere when Ernest Flieder lures him into a trap and asks what it would take to implement Shana’s plan, but Rofocale says it’s impossible. But perhaps if something unexpected happened, it could. Meanwhile, the Flame Hazes appear to get the upper hand in the battle. Finally, Wilhelmina and Margery are able to isolate Sydonay from Yuji, and Shana overpowers Yuji and destroys his unrestricted method that was meant to create the new world.

Wilhelmina reveals that she likes being the Dom in the relationship

Wilhelmina reveals that she likes being the Dom in the relationship

It’s hard enough to comprehend what all is going on, much less translate it into writing. I’m not even sure what Rofocale is doing just wandering around anyway, and I”m not really sure what all his blathering meant, but it sounds like Shana wants Yuji and the Snake of the Festival to implement HER plan for the world instead, but that only some major event would cause that to be possible. One would think seemingly destroying the Snake’s unrestricted method would be something that could do that.

Bel Peol saying she doesn’t need protecting because she’s already done what she’s needed to do seems to suggest that she’s going to get it pretty soon. Also, I’m not really sure why Margery and Wilhelmina don’t just finish off Sydonay as well at this point. If he could get away from them, he would have done it already.

With four episodes to go, it seems a bit early for Yuji to be completely defeated. Whether that means he can still create his new world or will try to do it from scratch again, I don’t know. I’m guessing we may finally find out what Shana’s proposal is in the next episode in any case.

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