Shakugan no Shana III – Episode 19

Yuji tells Shana that he can’t be with her as long as she’s a Flame Haze, and Shana goes all spurnned lover on him. The two then continue to battle outside, apparently as decoys, as Margery sneaks inside to do the real work while Khamsin tries to bring down the tower Yuji has created, but Sydonay is able to save it for now.

Yoshida, meanwhile, considers what love means and has Shana cut Bel Peol’s restriction on her pendant and she calls Pheles. However, she isn’t consumed as the pendant uses the determination to sacrifice oneself to power it instead of the power of existence itself. Pheles then activates Johan, who basically tells Yuji he’s a pooh-pooh head because of his plan, and he, Pheles, and Yoshida escape in a hippie bus with the three Denizens Pheles met with a couple of episodes ago. However, Dantalion beings the next phase of the plan…

Did I tell you that using the pendant would kill you? SYKE!

Did I tell you that using the pendant would kill you? SYKE!

So they came up with a pretty clever way of having the pendant not kill Yoshida, which was basically that she had to truly believe she was going to die by using it, and this determination and focus of mind enabled her to use it using the power of that determination. Meanwhile, I’m not sure what Johan and Pheles are doing, other than getting away. I did kind of have to laugh at Johan basically telling Yuji a pooh-pooh head for now understanding how love works. Yuji, as of now, still seems undeterred, however.

The Denizen leaders, however, are concerned because they don’t like this turn of events, and the Flame Haze’s attack doesn’t make sense, which make them fear that they’re possibly missing something, which of course they are with Margery Daw hiding. One would think someone would notice that Margery hasn’t shown up yet eventually.

In any case, it didn’t seem like we got this far in this episode. Yoshida used her thing, which allowed Pheles to show up and take Johan away, but that’s about it, really.