Shakugan no Shana III – Episode 16

The Flamze Hazes try to rally now that morale has bottomed out, and after losing 80% of their forces. Shana proposes a new plan, but Sophie urges caution before implementing it. However, everyone spends the next hours considering on their own if they want to help her and they all, except Sophie, who has been recalled to Zurich, decide to follow Shana. But first, Shana must persuade the remaining three Gods of Earth to join them in New York. Meanwhile, Dantalion gets the Palace of the Stars flying again.

Everyone is still all-in

Everyone is still all-in

So, Shana proposed some sort of plan – a plan everyone seems to agree is a crazy gamble, but still their best chance of succeeding, even though we haven’t heard what it is yet. In any case, with 8 episodes left, we’ve got to be about read to enter the final arc. The first step in that is, as they said at the end of the episode, is to enlist the help of the final three Gods of Earth.

Meanwhile, we still don’t know what the Spiral Organ’s giant unrestricted method is, nor what Yuji wants him for in Misaki City, which is obviously where he wants to create his new world.

And we once again see Pheles, both briefly at the start, and confronting three Denizens. I somehow figured she would figure back into the mix, but it’s obviously not that clear in what way yet. I wonder if we’ll start seeing some Denizens oppose the Snake of the Festival over the same fear the Flame Hazes have: that his plan will not just ultimately destroy Earth, but the Crimson Realm as well.