Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing – Episode 12

Ades has sent an assassination squad to Anatoray in an attempt to assassinate Alvis, but Dio protects her and escapes with her with his Vanship. Meanwhile, Fam, Giselle, and Millia have crash landed in Glacies, and one of Glacies’ pilots, Dyan, secretly rescues them and helps them repair their vanship. Dyan also tells the group that the disaster at the Grand Race is when Glacies decided to stop trusting outsides, and is why she thinks the idea of another Grand Race is foolish. Finally, Fam is able to leave, but immediately runs into fleets of Ades warships, causing Fam to turn around to warn Dyan.

Dyan find the rash Fam incomprehensible

Dyan find the rash Fam incomprehensible

This was a pretty interesting episode, I thought. It seems that Alvis may play a bigger role in the future, considering the assassination attempt on her, but we only saw her at the start of this episode.

Meanwhile, Dyan, who I think is the leader of Glacies vanguard force, seems to suggest that perhaps she and Glacies aren’t as cold hearted as they may appear. While Dyan still finds the trio’s behavior, especially Fam’s, nearly incomprehensible, she clearly seems to share some of their values, even if she tries to deny it. This certainly looks like it could be the start of cooperation between Glacies and Anatoray, especially with the Ades fleet on Glacies’ doorstep.

On a kind of side note, I hope if (when?) Funimation dubs this series, they keep the Glacies people speaking Russian. This episode would kind of be hard to pull off if they weren’t speaking different languages as the whole issue of Millia having to translate depends on that fact. It also just puts a finer point on the idea that Glacies is sees as different or separated from the rest of the world by their isolationism.