Waiting in the Summer – Episode 2

Ichika, in her spaceship, talks about dreaming of a certain landscape, when her ship hits debris, and crash lands on Earth. Back in the present, Ichika tries to explain what’s going on and somehow is able to convince Kaito’s sister and Kanna without blowing her cover. In fact, Kaito’s sister is so impressed she offers Ichika to stay there over the summer. The next day, everyone meets to talk about the film, but Remon ends up getting everyone drunk and then getting them to do crazy things by playing the King game.

Aliens: taking random trips to unknown planets based on scenery seen in a dream

Aliens: taking random trips to unknown planets based on scenery seen in a dream

Well, we find out why Ichika has come to Earth, and it’s actually kind of lame: she saw some scenery in her dreams, and somehow figured out it was on Earth, so here she is. We also learn that she’s pretty much stranded here. That doesn’t really explain how she was able to transfer into school, but not have a place to stay ready, though.

However, at the rate she’s being careless with her explanations and all, it seems like it’d only be a matter of time before she outs herself as an alien, at least one would think.

Meanwhile, Remon is pretty much Ichigo from Please Teacher/Twins to a tee, except she has a different name. Virtually everything else about her seems identical.

Otherwise…there didn’t seem to be much in this episode. This episode has kind of disappointed me a bit after two episodes, though hopefully it’ll get better. I kinda would like to see Kanna not get screwed with her feelings for Kaito, but I kind of feeling that’s where the series is going right now.