Shakugan no Shana III – Episode 14

The Snake of the Festival declares his Grand Order: He will create a duplicate of the current world, with an endless supply of Power of Existence. Facing a rejuvinated Denizen army, the Flame Hazes have no choice but to withdraw to where Wilhelmina has hidden Tendo-kyu. Distraught over the continuing battle, Yuji and the Snake further declare that the creation of this world will mean that the Flame Hazes will no longer have to fight Denizens. With the whole purpose of their existence pulled out from under them, the Flame Haze army is utterly routed.

A kick ass Flame Haze needs a kick ass outfit

A kick ass Flame Haze needs a kick ass outfit

So we finally find out what the Snake of the Festival’s plan is: to create an entirely new world, just for Denizens, where they can suck up on Power of Existence all they want without disrupting the “real world.” One can see why Yuji sees this as a seemingly perfect solution. However, it has the side effect of rendering the Flame Hazes obsolete and apparently there is a fear of some disaster occurring if such a world is created, which seems to be the primary reason the Snake was sealed away in the first place.

So I suppose pretty soon we’ll find out why this new arrangement isn’t all that great for the Flame Hazes after all (other than their losing their purpose). Maybe they don’t think it’s possible. They obviously seem to think it’s not the perfect solution the Snake thinks it is. It also seems unlikely at this point that Yuji will be swayed any time soon.

This episode was alright overall I guess. It was better than the last one, and we obviously learned a major plot point, but other than that it was mainly large armies throwing stuff at each other and talking. I do have to say that Shana’s new outfit is rocking, however.