Shakugan no Shana III – Episode 13

Sophie’s forces continue fighting off the Denizens while inside the Divine Gate, Khamsin continues to fight Sabrac. Meanwhile, Shana and Yuji fight, when Yuji reveals that he is willfully working with Silver. The Snake of the Festival then happens upon Sabrac’s battle, and he is so taken aback by it’s greatness that Khamsin and Rebecca are finally able to destroy him. Having sensed that the Snake has been revived, Sophia attempts to destroy the Divine Gate, but Fecor, who apparently was merely mortally wounded, but not yet dead, arrives and blocks her for long enough for the Snake to return, before finally dying.

I've watched enough hentai to see where this is going

I've watched enough hentai to see where this is going

Really, this as a pretty lame episode compared to the past ones. Sabrac was finally destroyed, but it was mainly because he was so distracted by the Snake of the Festival that he didn’t give a crap anymore. Most of the rest of the episode was basically stuff we already knew. We got a glimpse of just how powerful the Snake is, but one could have surmised that by him being the God of Creation in the first place.

Really, the main thing that happened is that Yuji and the Snake of the Festival – finally – exited the Divine Gate, which means we may finally learn what the Bal Masqué is up to in the next episode. And then presumably we’ll start the final story arc(s) of this series and approach the final conclusion.