Working'!! – Episode 13 [END]

Poplar is able to reach the broken dish report for the first time, making her brag that she’s finally grown. This depresses Souta, which in turn depresses Mahiru, which in turn causes Aoi to investigate. In the course of her investigation, Poplar tells Aoi that some day in the future she may have to quit her job. However, Aoi takes this as Poplar plans on quitting imminently and tells everyone in the restaurant. Soon everyone’s comments wishing her good luck cause Poplar to actually think quitting maybe a good idea, until Maya Matsumoto, Wagnaria’s resident normal person, gets Poplar thinking straight again. Meanwhile, Jun and Souta discover Poplar has only gotten better at stretching and hasn’t gotten taller.

Maya saves Wagnaria from the hordes of abnormal people who work there

Maya saves Wagnaria from the hordes of abnormal people who work there

I figured in the end it’d be something like Poplar was able to stretch better or got lucky or used a longer pen or something. And you’d think by now that no one would believe any rumor that Aoi started.

So we’re at the end of another season. Some things have progressed, at least a little bit. Mahiru and Souta’s relationship and Jun and Yachiyo’s relationship both seem to have at least gotten incrementally better. We also have the added element of Aoi’s brother looking for her. But other than that, we’re really no closer to knowing anything about Hiroomi or to Poplar getting taller. This season was good enough to watch as a reasonable level of entertainment, I guess, but much like the first season, it wasn’t anything to get too excited about.

So, I figure there is at least a halfway decent chance at a third season. I would have thought that they might tie some of the things up a bit more if there wasn’t. So what is it going to be called? “Working”!!’? Or maybe “Working!!?”? If there is a third season, I guess there may be a reasonable chance of me blogging it since I’ve already done the first two, though I suppose that depends on what’s airing at the same time. If I were still rating anime, I’d probably give this 3 or 3 1/2 stars out of 5. It’s reasonably, but not overly, funny, with a set of good characters.But it tends to drag on more than it should.