Shakugan no Shana III – Episode 12

Wilhelmina, Rebecca, and Khamsin launch their attack against Sabrac, with the attack turning into the typical stalemate, with Wilhelmina’s healing spell no longer working. Meanwhile, Yuji finally gets to the center of the Gate, and Bel Peol and Hecate release the final barriers around the Snake of the Festival. Shana then arrives and challenges Yuji to fight, saying that she’ll make the Snake of the Festival remake the world in a way that benefits the Flame Hazes once she defeats him.

So the Snake of the Festival is basically a giant...snake?

So the Snake of the Festival is basically a giant...snake?

This was again a “slower” episode (at least compared to the past 3). The battle with Sabrac was frantic, but turned into a stalemate as I expected. I’m still not sure what Yuji’s plans are, and he’s still not willing to reveal them, but Shana seems prepared to face him down anyway. Meanwhile, Sophia seems to have found herself in trouble. Most of her escape routes are cut off, but she thinks it’s too early to bail just yet. It’s going to be a pretty big blow to the Flame Hazes if their commander gets lost there.

In any case, I thought this arc might end with this episode, but it looks like it will go for at least another episode, which pushes it into the Winter season. So…we’ll see you there!