Working'!! – Episode 12

Mahiru has broken her record of consecutive days without punching Souta, but would like a way to train to get better without putting Souta in danger. Unfortunately, Aoi and Poplar can’t really thing of any viable options. However, Souta thinks if they start texting each other, maybe that will help. Later, Aoi comes up with the idea of a “Wagnaria boys tour,” which nearly ends up with Hiroomi getting punched, but Jun uses Aoi’s stuffed bear Daisy at the last second to save him.

Daisy Dies

Daisy Dies

Well, we finally get some progress, if only incremental, in Mahiru and Souta’s relationship. It seems she’s doing well enough now that their regular interaction doesn’t result in her punching him anymore, but it seems if a guy still surprises her in any way, she’ll still let loose.  We have one episode to go, and while it’d be nice if one of the major story arcs were largely tied up at the end of this season, I see to doubt that they will.

Otherwise, we had a pretty meaningless segment between Aoi and Jun, and another meaningless segment between Souta and Kirio, though at least Kirio has figured out at this point that Souta is the one Mahiru likes, so maybe something will come of that eventually. I doubt it will in this season, however.