Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing – Episode 10

Anatoray and the Turan government in refugee agree to an aliance against the Ades Federation. After the ceremony, who greets Dio but…Alvis. However, Luscinia’s ship arrives with Princess Liliana, who takes control of the Turan fleet and declares an alliance with Ades. Millie refuses, so Liliana strips Millia of her royal title. The Silvania and the Urbanus, which was hiding underwater, attempt to escape, but Alauda and a group of assassins boards the Silvius, disabling her engines and causing her to crash into the water. Meanwhile, Fam, Giselle, and Millia take off in order to try to capture Liliana, but are chased by three Ades vanships.

Alvis is back!

Alvis is back!

So, just like that all the hard work Fam, Giselle, and Millia did to make a Turan fleet goes out the window when Liliana, who is clearly under the influence of Luscinia, takes the ships over. Even if Fam were able to kidnap her back, I’m not sure it would make much of a difference.

We also meet character #5 from the original series: Alvis, which brings up an interesting question: where exactly IS the Exile that she controls? When Vincent said most of their fleet wasn’t there yet, did that mean they were back in Anatoray on Earth…or in Anatoray on Prester? One would think that Anatoray’s Exile would be a pretty nice weapon to have against Ades, so…why haven’t they used it yet, unless it’s in transit either to or from Prester?

We also learn that Luscinia’s head assassin, Alauda, appears to be from the guild, which is kind of what I suspected from the start, given his attire and looks. That begs the question, of course, of whether there are any other guild members out there, and if so, what they’re up to.

In any case, this is the last episode of the fall season for this series, so we’ll see it again in a couple weeks when I start blogging the winter season.

Shakugan no Shana III – Episode 11

Satou returns to Misaki City, where he wakes Margery with a kiss, and then the two get it on. At the Palace of the Stars, the battle is going well for the Flame Hazes, causing Decarabia to join the battle personally. Sophie is able to destroy him, but only just before Haborym and the western forces arrive much earlier than expected. Finally, Shana, Wilhelmina, Rebecca, and Khamsin enter the Gate to chase after Yuji, and are guided by one of the ancient Flame Hazes until they reach a palace in the center, where they’re greeted by Sabrac.

Something's fishy about this...

Something's fishy about this...

This wasn’t quite as good as the last two episodes I didn’t think, but it was still pretty good. I’m surprised so many baddies are getting killed this early, with the Commander of the Bal Masqué’s forces, Decarabia, getting defeated this time. And yet, they keep coming, with Haborym arriving on the ground and Sabrac showing up in the Gate.

Sabrac is usually attached to something much bigger, but I’m not sure what that would be here, unless he’s attached himself to the palace. But I would think attaching himself to something within the Gate would be somewhat dangerous, but we’ll see. I doubt Shana and others will get to Yuji in time to stop him retrieve the true form of the Snake of the Festival, and who knows what will happen then.