Tamayura: Hitotose – Episode 11

With everyone preparing for the exhibition, Maon says she wants to try to do a recital at the inn on Osaki-shimojima. However, Maon is having trouble writing her own story, which just gets worse when everyone keeps telling her how excited they are to see the recital. Once they get to the inn, Maon and friends find out so many people have come to see it that they had to move it to the Virgo, the theater that Maon has always dreamed of performing at. However, Maon still hasn’t come up with an ending, but decides to do the recital anyway, and is able to finish it – an allegory about Maon’s own experiences – with the urging of her friends.

I don't always say no to Maon, but when I do...oh who am I kidding. I can never say no to more Maon

I don't always say no to Maon, but when I do...oh who am I kidding. I can never say no to more Maon

Another Maon episode, yay! This time Maon tries to add to her myriad of talents by wanting to do a recital of a story that she’s written. It’s nice to see Maon, who probably at the start of the series would never have even dreamed of doing such a recital, being able to do one in front of so many people. If there is any character that has developed more during this series, it’s probably Maon.

It’s hard to say if this is the best episode so far, because there have been so many good episodes, but this has to be up there, I think. I’m sad that the next episode will be the last one. This has been such an enjoyable series to watch.

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  1. It is tough to say which episode was the best in a show that had so many very good episodes. Personally I loved the episode with the bamboo festival and the other festival (the one where they light up the town at night). The final episode was also pretty special. I just love the way this show was able to capture the magic of everyday life. Whether it is clowning around with your friends, or looking out at a majestic view, or, as in this episode, finding the courage in yourself to try something new. Tamayura managed to capture that quality of specialness that one can find in the everyday if one is patient and willing to look for it.

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