Working'!! – Episode 10

Mahiru has more guy trouble, as Jun gets trapped in the break room with Mahiru and barely escapes. Meanwhile, Souta has to protect her from some falling boxes, which makes her so flustered that she has to take a nap in the break room. Souta pets her head while she’s sleeping, but she wakes up, which shocks her to the point of needing to go home and stay in bed. So Souta goes and visits her at home in the only way he can: by becoming Kotori.

Delusions of not punching Souta to death

Delusions of not punching Souta to death

It’s nice to have another Mahiru episode, this one getting nice and steamy with Souta getting as far as being able to touch Mahiru’s head, albeit when she’s asleep. However, it seems that Mahiru’s mother has perhaps figured out that Kotori is actually a boy in disguise.

Otherwise, this was another reasonable episode. The Poplar getting locked in the freezer gag was cheap but it was funny. I think the only reason they did the Aoi wanting a cell phone bit was to just set that up. Otherwise it was pretty much all Mahiru and Souta, though it’s rare and funny to see Jun having to face off with Mahiru. Usually the only one who faces certain death at her hand other than Souta is Hiroomi.