Tamayura: Hitotose – Episode 10

Fu, Norie, and Maon realize that Kaoru hasn’t been acting like herself after being overly disappointed that they were all busy that weekend and later by turning all of their requests for Kaoru to join them on their particular outings. Norie finally confronts Kaoru about it but Kaoru just says there isn’t anything they can do. Finally, on the Sunday everyone is supposedly busy, Sayomi makes Kaoru come to the cafe, where everyone is waiting, still worried about her. Kaoru explains that she’s unsure of what she wants to do and doesn’t know if her potpourri hobby is something she could do much with. However, Fu and friends tell her that they’ve had doubts about their hobbies too. Finally, Kaoru suggests they hold an exhibition of their talents together.

Enraged Mode Norie thinks Kaoru is thinking too hard

Enraged Mode Norie thinks Kaoru is thinking too hard

We finally get a Kaoru-centric episode. I’m not really sure if we had really gotten one yet, which is strange since she’s really the center of the group. In any case, I thought this was another good episode. It’s nice to be able to learn more about Kaoru as, I just noted, she is really the one person of the group that we didn’t really know all that much about.

As far as the exhibition, I would expect us to see it before the season is over. Since it’s supposed to take place on the next to last day of the year in the series, probably seeing it in the last episode as a way to close out the series would be my guess. And that would be a pretty good way to go out I think as well.