Shakugan no Shana III – Episode 9

Khamsin and Rebecca continue their attack, but find that Fecor is protecting the portal and the bubble around the Palace which is hiding it. Wilhelmina, meanwhile, has snuck into the palace, using an unrestricted method to hide her. Shana is being taken deeper into the Palace, but is able to escape in the chaos, and calls out for her sword. Tenmoku Ikko materializes from the sword and starts killing all the Rinne and Denizens in his path, including Fecor, before freeing Shana of the braclet that is restricting her power and giving the sword back. Meanwhile, Khamsin starts attacking the bubble that hides the Palace from the Flame Hazes.

The Lion, the Scatterer of Sparkling Light, and the big rock dude

The Lion, the Scatterer of Sparkling Light, and the big rock dude

As I figured after the last episode, this was a very action packed one, as I expect the next episode, and possibly the two after that to be as well. It seems that Yuji’s plans are coming apart, but that may change if he’s able to complete his task in the portal. With four fully armed Flame Hazes wrecking havoc and with Fecor apparently dead, the Palace of the Stars is definitely in trouble.

It’s when we get into parts of the story arc like this that Shana really shines. This show was kinda boring for the first 7 or so episodes, though with some high spots, but now we’re getting into some real meat. It seems that Decarabia was right when he was concerned that the Flame Haze’s response wasn’t what he expected. I’m kinda eager to see where the next episode takes us in this series.