Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing – Episode 9

Giselle and Fam get into an argument about Giselle wanting to go back home, with Giselle saying that she’s a worthless navi. Fam and Dio then have a conversation where Fam says she just plowed ahead without thinking what Giselle was thinking, and Dio says he had someone like that (speaking of Lucciola) but now he’ll never know what he thought. Finally, Giselle realizes she was only thinking of herself as well and organizes a Birthday party for Fam with Millia to help cheer her up. But during the party, the commander of the Anatoray-Disith fleet arrives: Vincent.

Giselle's happy again

Giselle's happy again

Well, the Fam/Giselle situation seemed to be resolved pretty quickly, considering the buildup for it, but I guess that’s OK. I probably wouldn’t have liked a very long dispute between the two of them anyway. Overall this seemed to be a pretty laid back episode. Nothing really happened outside the ship, with the main “action” being Fam, Giselle, and Millia’s angst about each bothering the other. At least we got a nice montage about Fam and Giselle’s past out of it.

With Vincent showing up, that makes the forth original cast member to show up, and if we’re going to be seeing more Anatoray people, then hopefully he won’t be the last person we see either.

By the way, episode “9.5” as it’s called is a recap episode, so I’ll just skip that one and go to episode 10, which is the last episode in the fall season.