Working'!! – Episode 9

Yachiyo, who is really bad with machines, doesn’t have a cell phone, but the other employees convince her to get one. Jun goes to the store to get her one, where the clerk keeps calling Yachiyo Jun’s girlfriend. Meanwhile, Yohei shows up and sees Kozue moping over getting dumped again and says she’s beautiful. This causes Kozue to drunkenly propose to him, but he refuses because he can’t take care of her. Mitsuki then shows up and decides to spy on the break room after getting concerned with the way Jun behaves around Yachiyo.

Unhappily Not Together

Unhappily Not Together

Well, we see the start of a possible Kozue/Yohei thing in this episode, as well as an expansion on Mitsuki being as obsessed with Yachiyo as Yachiyo is with Kazue. Perhaps fortunately for Jun, she’s too dense to realize that he actually has a thing for Yachiyo. Again, not much Poplar or Mahiru in this episode, though Aoi is clearly turning into another rival of Mahiru for Souta, though Souta is definitely not very interested in returning that interest.

This series seems to be generally plodding along like the first season did. It’s not necessarily great, but it’s not bad either. It has it’s moments but it’s nothing to get all too excited about at this point.