Tamayura: Hitotose – Episode 9

First, Momoneko-sama, the pink cat in the town, has it rough, despite the opinions of Fu and her friends. He saves less fortunate cats from being beaten up by larger cats and does other public services. However, has he met his match when a wort hog starts destroying people’s fields?

Next, the girl that Fu and friends heard was going to confess to someone back in episode 7 in the camera shop, Shimako, shows up at Hoboro’s on an eating binge and eats too much. Hoboro and Sayomi bring her back to Fu’s house to stay the night. The next day Sayomi decides to take everyone on a road trip, where Shimako’s friend Manami helps her sort things out.

Hoboro is going to make you tons of okonomiyaki and you ARE going to like it!

Hoboro is going to make you tons of okonomiyaki and you ARE going to like it!

We get another double-episode episode, though the parts in this episode aren’t related like they were in episode 6. First, we get a glimpse of the mysterious life of the pink cat Momoneko-sama, which was definitely entertaining. Giving emotion to a blog of fluff that isn’t very capable of expression emotion is always something that can be entertaining.

The second half of the episode just kinda felt like filler. It was centered around a character we had met for maybe 30 seconds two episodes ago, and while it was based off of the conversation we overheard her having about confessing, it seemed to be more about trying to create humor by being over the top than any sort of real story. And while I suppose it was funny, I’m used to this series having an episode which also has a good story, so I was disappointed in that regard to the 2nd half of this episode.


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