Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing – Episode 8

The 1st Fleet and the Silvius engage, with the Silvius’ vanship squadrons helping to break a hole through the line with bombs and smoke. However, the 1st fleet chases after them and the Silvius makes a run toward the Glacies border, taking heavy damage on the way. Meanwhile, Fam sees this as the perfect opportunity to catch her final vanship, but this time uses Millia as her navi. Both the Silvius and some Ades ships cross the border, and the Glacies forces engage the Federation ships. The Silvius uses the opportunity to slip away, but not before Fam is able to capture the flagship of the 1st Fleet.

Say hello to your friendly neighbors, Glacies

Say hello to your friendly neighbors, Glacies

So the Silvius took heavy damage, but escaped, and Fam finally fulfilled her promise, but Giselle seems to have completely broken down that Fam was able to do this with Millia instead of her. I figure that bad things will happen once Fam gets back on board the Silvius. Of course, this also brings up the question of…where are the other ships, exactly? We know they were taken back to Anatoray, but where and why?

We appear to be at a point in the series where it could really go anywhere. the main outstanding story arc – Fam capturing the 15 ships – has now been completed. One figures that some arc regarding Glacies is probably next.


Shakugan no Shana III – Episode 8

Khamsin joins Wilhelmina and Rebecca in their quest to free Shana from the Palace of the Stars. But first, Wilhelmina returns to the now submerged Tendo-kyu and, with Shiro’s help, gets it to fly again. The Bal Masqué’s forces launch their attacks against the Flame Hazes, with Tokyo being their primary target, while Yuji and the trinity enter the Eternal Abyss. In Zurich, Sophie runs into one of the Four Gods of the Earth, who says he’s there as an observer while the Four Gods decide whether to stay neutral. Meanwhile, Khamsin and Rebecca begin their assault on the Palace of the Stars.

I'm not sure no one would ever notice this

I'm not sure no one would ever notice this

So the shit starts really going down as the Bal Masqué’s starts their attack that’s a part of the 2nd phase, while Wilhelmina begins her plan to rescue Shana. Knowing past Shana battles, this could last for 2 or 3 episodes more before it’s completed, perhaps up until the midway point and the end of the fall season. Meanwhile, we haven’t really seen anything from Satou or Margery since Satou was released from Outlaw.

It’s kinda interesting to see both sides use unrestricted methods and the like in replacement for technology to monitor the battle and communicate. It’s kinda like a modern command center except…run by magic.

I still don’t know what to think of this series yet. I mean, it’s good, but while the last two seasons were more personal and smaller scale, this one is pretty much literally on a global scale, and even beyond. They have to pay attention to more than Yuji and Shana and others, and while they certainly get a lot of attention, they don’t get quite as much. I guess I’ll just have to see how things progress before getting a full feeling for this show.