Tamayura: Hitotose – Episode 8

Fu learns that Riho is staying at Hoboro’s and becomes curious about the relationship between the two. The girls head to Hoboro’s to investigate (and to eat) and find out that the two are very close, with Riho even giving a “quiz” about Hoboro to the girls. Later, Fu shows Riho some of her pictures, which Riho thinks are good. Riho then suggests to Fu that she accompany her and Hoboro to see Hoboro’s sempai who runs a cafe in Kure. However, some comments Riho makes starts concerning Fu that she may be losing interest in photography.

Unexpected old friends

Unexpected old friends

So this time we get a kind of background episode on both Riho and Hoboro, which includes learning Hoboro’s real name (Chimo Yakusa). This episode was ultimately about, I think, the trip each person takes through life, and how what they want to do is up to each person. Hoboro used to do illustrations, but quit to run a restaurant because she liked seeing the town and the children in it grow up. Her sempai, Chimo, also runs a cafe, but still does a lot of illustration work. Riho has moved on from taking pictures of the sky to taking pictures of lot of other things.

Really, this episode explains the symbolism behind the train ticket with no destination that Riho sent Fu back in the first episode: that life is a journey and you never really know where it will take you, as long as you follow what you want to do.