Shakugan no Shana III – Episode 6

Satou has been locked in a room at Outlaw for a week, behind held as a hostage to try to lure Wilhelmina in. However, he hears a discussion in the hall about Margery Daw and demands to know what’s going on. Another Flame Haze, Rebecca Reed, releases him and tells him what’s going on. After talking to Satou and remembering some memories with her old friend Wilhelmina, Rebecca decides to leave to help her rescue Shana. Back in the Palace of the Stars, Shana rembers Shiro words about the most powerful unrestricted method that is even powerful enough to imprison a crimson lord: love. Suddenly Hecate shows up in Shana’s room, telling Shana that she’s not needed.

The newest kick-ass female Flame Haze: Rebecca Reed

The newest kick-ass female Flame Haze: Rebecca Reed

So we finally find out what happened to Satou, and now he can return to be Margery Daw’s side. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina now has her friend Rebecca to help her find Shana. While I’d still say it’s a long shot, I guess two powerful Flame Hazes is still better than one.

I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I’m getting some sort of shady vibes from Sophie. Maybe it’s just the fact that she can be caring in one scene and very calculating in preparing for the Flame Haze’s defense in another. Or maybe she’s secretly undermining the Flame Hazes, I don’t know. If she were, I don’t know why she would.

Meanwhile, it appears jealous Hecate has shown up to try to get rid of Shana. I’m guessing that Hecate has a thing for Yugi-Silver and isn’t too happy that Yuji is spending a lot of his time with Shana. I certainly doubt that Yuji sent Hecate to deal with Shana.