Working'!! – Episode 6

Poplar and Jun are sick, so Kyoko calls in a pair of her old gang buddies: the twins Yohei and Mitsuki, who both happen to always argue with each other. The next day, Souta complains to Kyoko that he’s not appreciated, so she relieves him of having to look after Mahiru and assigns the task to Yohei. Mahiru, unsure of how to react, says she doesn’t care who looks after her, and Souta goes off on her and starts ignoring her. Poplar finally gets Mahiru to explain that she thought if Yohei looked after her, she wouldn’t punch Souta any more, but she likes Souta looking after her, and the two finally make up.

This is probably the minimum that Souta deserves

This is probably the minimum that Souta deserves

I’m not sure if it’s the writer’s intentions to make Souta as unlikable as possible, but so far they’re doing a pretty good job of it. On top of having the weirdest “issue,” he’s easily the most self-centered, possibly even more than Kyoko, which is saying something. Unless something is “small” or “cute,” he basically sees it as trash that need not be paid attention to. Before some of that was just for comedic relief, but at this point he’s just being mean about it. I can have some sympathy for him due to being punched by Mahiru all the time, but at this point I’m thinking he probably deserves it more than needing sympathy over it.

Otherwise, I’m guessing we’ll be seeing the twin former-gang members again at some point. I have a feeling that their devotion to Kyoko, which easily matches Yachiyo’s, might cause problems between them, however.