Tamayura: Hitotose – Episode 6

In 1999, Maon is reading a story she made on a hill when Fu arrives and overhears the story. Maon is incredibly embarrassed, but Fu is interested in how it ends. Norie and Kaoru then show up, but Norie falls while trying to pull Kaoru around, causing Kaoru and Fu to start crying as well. Maon is then able to calm them down by whistling. 10 years later, Maon is in middle school and after class runs into Norie, who is despressed because a boy refused her sweets. They walk around town, and Maon starts whistling at sunset. However, Norie is able to understand what she’s thinking when Maon whistles, and the two become friends.

Maon FTW

Maon FTW

I guess to start off, this episode cleared some stuff up for me. I was kind of under the impression that Fu already knew everyone from when she lived there before, so I was like “wait…how can Maon become friends with Norie in middle school, after Fu already left?” So I went back and checked the first episode, and sure enough, the only one that they had really established as being Fu’s friend from before was Kaoru and her sister, and the 2nd episode, while not confirming this, insinuated it as well. So…I guess my impressions were wrong so now I’m corrected.

Having said that, this was once again another nice episode, and another Maon episode, who is quickly becoming my favorite character, I think. In this episode, we see how the four friends all first met, even though they didn’t really become friends yet at that point, and then later when Maon became friends with Norie (and then presumably Kaoru after that). We also learn where Maon got an affinity for whistling as well here. I think I said this a couple episodes back, but Maon is the type of character that can sometimes be forgotten by writers, and I’m very pleased with the fact that she’s already gotten two episodes centering around her.