Shakugan no Shana III – Episode 5

Shana finds herself trapped in a giant bedroom at the Palace of the Stars, without her sword or Alastor. Yuji, who now wears Alastor, arrives, and tries to be friendly with Shana, but she rebuffs his advances, to the confusion and disappointment of Yuji. We also learn that the Corpse Collector has joined Yuji in attempting to accomplish the Grand Order. The Bal Masqué is nearly ready to launch the 2nd phase of the Grand Order, which involves multiple independent attacks on Flame Haze positions. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina is preparing to set out to save Shana on her own, after being rebuffed in her requests for aid from the other Flame Hazes.

Hecate is almost ready for the real action to begin

Hecate is almost ready for the real action to begin

We still don’t really have any word about what the Flame Hazes are doing to prepare for imminent Bal Masqué attack, though it seems they keep asking for Wilhelmina to be a part of it, though she’s intent on trying to save Shana, which seems like it would be a suicide mission right now. Perhaps the one way it could work is if she attempted to rescue her while all the members of Bal Masqué were away as part of their 2nd state attack.

I still wonder what Yuji’s true intentions are. There are more rumblings, this time from Sydonay, about what Yuji is up to, though Bel Peol assures him that things are alright. One has to wonder if he is doing something behind the scenes to hurt the Bal Masqué’s plans or somehow has secret knowledge in that, even if the Bal Masqué succeeds in doing what they’re doing, the end result won’t be what they expected. Otherwise, why would Yuji allow Alastor to basically be in on some of the Bal Masqué’s meetings. Not that there is much Alastor can do about it right now, but still…