Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing – Episode 5

Fam, Giselle, and Millia meet the Silvius’ Chief of Maintenence, Olaf, who is impressed with Giselle’s ship and astronomic knowledge. Millia tells Fam that she doesn’t know how to repay her if they are able to reestablish Turan, so Fam says that she can hold another Great Race. Fam, Giselle, and Olaf then set out to capture the first Ades ship, tricking the ship’s crew to leave the ship in order to accomplish it. Meanwhile, Ades formally annexes Turan while Millia creates a government-in-exile on the Silvius.

Millia leads the glorious Maid Empire

Millia leads the glorious Maid Empire

I guess I’m not surprised that Fam’s first capture ended up pretty easy, though I somehow don’t expect it to be as easy from now on. One good thing is that, as she collects ships, she may be able to start capturing more than one at a time. For example, once she has 4 or 5 ships, she may be able to go after two that are together and get them to surrender.

We also confirm that Dio served on the Silvius before joining the pirates, so this series is probably more than 6 months ahead of the first series, but it’s still clearly not that far into the future. Meanwhile, in a short scene it looked like Dio was playing chess from the old engineer from the Silvania. Otherwise, not a lot happened in this episode. Giselle was able to show off her expertise, and the government-in-exile was created, but that’s about it.


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  1. Actually since we’re actually given the ages of the characters this time around, we can have a good estimate of how long it’s been since Last Exile. For example, both Tatiana and Alister are listed as 19. In Last Exile, they were 17, which means it’s two years since everyone returned from Prester..

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